Help! I’m Being Attacked by the Blob!

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The B-Movie Blob

Some years back, I caught the B-movie horror flick, “The Blob” (the 1958 Steve McQueen version) on late night TV. The story line focuses on an alien life form that comes to earth via a meteor. Two teenagers, McQueen and his love, Aneta Corsaut, run around warning the nearby town of the slow-moving, all-consuming menace.

Warning – Plot Spoiler!

Since they are teenagers, the townsfolk disregard their warnings – thinking this must be some kind of crazy prank. Ultimately the town finds out the hard way that these kids aren’t kidding. But, luckily cool-kid McQueen realizes that cold kills the creature.


As a kid, I remember thinking, “what a lame monster”. I had no respect for the Blob. I liked fast moving predators – the blob was slow. I appreciated a hip personality – the blob had none. If I couldn’t go as the Blob for Halloween, was it really a monster? Plus, all it took was cold to kill it!?


The 21st Century Blob

Now as an adult, I have been threatened by a new kind of Blob. It’s the slow building, creeping crap that I find in my email and on my desk. And the worst part about it is I CREATED IT!


When starting off my solopreneur adventure, I had some learning to do. So I joined different sites that allowed me to gain access to what was promised as a wealth of information to answer my problems. There were some nuggets of wisdom, but unfortunately they were encapsulated in sales pitches and verbosity.


I started receiving numerous emails. At the time, my unknowing eyes couldn’t tell the difference between what was useless and what had value. I was afraid that I would lose some information, so I started printing it out. Soon, I had a hard time staying on top of this onslaught of information. I was being consumed.


As a solopreneur, I knew I had to be agile and efficient. The crap was creeping up, but the peril was masked by its slow moving growth. It drained my energy – slowing me down. Throughout the week, I had on average about 200 unread emails. I am not a pack rat by nature, but I didn’t want to get rid of any emails in case one of them might have the secret that would catapult my business.


So What Saved Me?

Planning goals and performing Reviews.


Going back to these basic principles helped me refocus on what was essential to achieving my goals.


If it wasn’t vital, I threw it away. I unsubscribed from the sites that no longer provided consistent quality content for helping me hit my goals. I deleted the unnecessary emails. I redefined what was essential for helping me get to the next level.


I stopped trying to tackle all of my goals at once. I put them back in logical order.


I have a new found respect for the Blob and its sinister powers.


Be wary of the Blob that you create. It’s out there – ready to come back at any time. And it’s a killer.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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