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My name is Doug Dolan. I will be your guide in your journey as a solo entrepreneur or “solopreneur”. This is a quick note to welcome you to The Solopreneur’s Guide at thesologuide.com.


With this blog I will guide you through the start up and growth of your business. My goal for you is to create a successful, sustainable business that is an extension of who you are as an individual – as a solopreneur.


This blog has useful information for both start-ups and solopreneurs that already have a business up and running. Thesologuide.com is arranged in a specific order to guide you through the phases of Introspection, Research, Planning, Action and Review of your business. You will find these tabs along the top of this site. Plus, I will have regularly updated material on the blog that you can subscribe to for the latest in business ideas.


I look forward to working with you by applying my knowledge, experience and skills to help you maximize your potential as a solopreneur.


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


3 Responses to “Welcome to The Solopreneur’s Guide”

  1. John Meehan Says:

    Good job!
    wish you luck John

  2. Steve Schneider Says:

    Quote Rotator goes to fast for lengthy quotes. How do we send you our Introspective assessments to you? I completed my Introspective but learned very little more about myself. I did not have any epiphanies of vision to my next business adventure upon completing my Introspective. Does this mean I have no future? Did I do something incorrect or is this where you step in to guide me? The Solopreneur Site content and cosmetics appears professional, smart and tasteful. I liked your analogy and story about your little girl’s soccer game relative to that of business strategy. However you could do society a great service by slowing your generation of new acronyms. Advancing communications through acronyms is becoming mind-numbing. Upon reviewing your site and given my current employment situation it would appear that I am urgently in need of your wisdom and services. Please help me maximize my potential before it slips away.

  3. Douglas Dolan Says:


    Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look at the Quote Rotator to slow it down so you can soak in the wisdom of what these successful people have to say.

    Regarding your Introspection Survey, I would love to take a look at it and help you. Send it to me at thesologuide@gmail.com.

    But, I would ask first if you are looking to become a solopreneur. If you are seeking advice on new employment opportunities, it really isn’t my focus. My focus is to help individuals create and grow their own business.

    I’m not sure about your comment on “acronyms”. I assume you meant analogies, but please clarify.

    You never lose your potential, you just may not be using it. Please send along your Introspection Survey.

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