Facebook Fan Pages vs. Branding Sites

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Facebook fan pages vs branding sites

The population in the virtual nation of Facebook is approaching the 1 billion mark. Even with some recent news where Facebook admitted that some of these profiles were fake there still is a sizeable population on the social network. In a recent survey posted on Hubspot, it turns out that 50% of the population prefers Facebook fan pages to the customary branding sites (a company’s or organizations primary website).

Looking at the infographic on the page provided by Lab42, let’s pull out some interesting details:

  • 87% of people like brands on Facebook
  • 75% feel more connected to brands on Facebook
  • #1 way brands could get more likes: more giveaways

Click on the infographic to enlarge the image.

Are you spending money building out your branding site and foregoing connecting with your target audience on Facebook? If so, you’re likely making a big mistake. For help to strategize, optimize, and socialize your brand on Facebook, leave your questions in the comments or contact me at SmallBizMedia.tv.

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