6 Sources for Creating a Consistent Flow of Marketing Content

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Frequency and consistency are keys to creating successful marketing campaigns. If you want the market to get to know you, you have to “touch” them regularly with quality content. This can be very difficult for solopreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses who struggle with finding the time to churn out a consistent flow of marketing content while they’re working hard to service their customers. Here are six ways to you can generate enough content to keep your pipeline filled.


1. Bundle your blog content.

If you’re already writing a blog on a regular basis (and if you aren’t, you should), why not repurpose the content and get a new marketing content source without having to create it from scratch? Can you take a series of your blog posts and turn them into an ebook to use as a lead generator? How about repurposing them into an instructional series? The point were making is you should go back and look at the posts you’ve created. Identify posts that discuss a particular subject from a variety of angles. Bundle them together to create new content.


2. Include guest bloggers.

Why come up with the content on your own when others are willing to create it? Put the word out there that you’re interested in receiving submissions from other bloggers who focus on your target audience. You will still be the editor-in-chief, but let others put their expertise to work for you. Plus, your readers may enjoy the blend of personalities and perspectives. It helps if you create an editorial calendar ahead of time so the guest bloggers know what topics they should focus on.


3. Review comments on blogs and forums.

Do you ever wonder what kind of information, problems or solutions your audience is most interested to receive? Check out industry blogs and forums to see what comments are there. Their comments give you multiple clues into their perceptions and the language they use. This will help you create marketing content that speaks to them.


4. Shoot a video.

Most business owners and executives can have a hard time “turning it off”. We’re flooded with information and experiences that get us thinking. Why waste those thoughts. Today’s technology means you don’t have to spend a Hollywood blockbuster budget to produce quality content. Your target audience cares more about the value of your marketing content than what you spend on the production. It helps if you can find a quiet space with good ambient lighting. Other than that, you simply need a pocket camcorder or the video camera on your computer, your personality, and your insight.


5. Ask your sales and support teams.

Your frontline people should have a good pulse on what’s going on in the industry. They will tell you what customers like and dislike, what their problems are, and so forth. Poll your people or create a suggestion box as to the marketing content they think you should create.


6. Interview experts.

Similar to the guest bloggers, interview experts serves multiple purposes. It allows you to provide an alternative insight to a problem or situation while someone else creates the content. Interviewing an expert brings additional prestige to your content and can attract a new audience that follows the expert.


Creating compelling marketing content doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It just takes a plan.

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Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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