5 Facebook Stats You Probably Didn’t Know About Marketing Your Business

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Facebook stats

Sure, Facebook is the king of the social media hill now, but just a few years ago, many business owners thought it was another fad for business use. Do you still feel the same way? Let’s take a look at five recent Facebook stats included in HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing (unless where otherwise noted) to help you decide how important of role it can play in marketing your business.


1. 42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business.

Back in 2009, this number was just 24% according to HubSpot. So in the last three years there’s been a 75% increase in marketers creating their marketing strategies around Facebook and not simply including it as a line item on a plan.


2. 77% of B2C and 43% of B2B companies acquire customers from Facebook.

While Facebook can help many businesses in a variety of industries, it is a particularly strong network for B2C companies. The key take-away here is that it works for both kinds of companies. So what kinds of businesses are currently tops for converting customers on Facebook?

  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Education
  • Tech / Software
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing


3. 80% of social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.

If this stat doesn’t wake you up, I’m not sure what will. Marketing your business works best when put your company in front of the right people where they spend time and communicate with them using their preferred method. If 80% of people using social networks prefer Facebook, don’t you think you should be using it?


4. Facebook has a 9:1 ratio of views to shares.

This stat was provided by BuzzFeed. Is this ratio good? It isn’t great for people who have the expectation that everything they post will go viral. We included this Facebook stat to help set some appropriate expectations when marketing your business on the network. Don’t let this ratio discourage you. Simply use it to as an appropriate marker. Realize that this isn’t the total number of people who are your fans, but who see your posts. For example, you may have 500 fans, but if only 120 people see a particular post, then the ratio applies to the 120 views, not the 500 fans.

You can increase your numbers by posting visual content which captures peoples’ attention over just links and/or text. As more people engage with your posts, you will show up more in peoples’ News Feed. The more you show up there, the higher likelihood that they will leave a comment or share the content. As you increase your reach, you can start adding in more posts with the goal of increasing lead generation.


5. Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%.

This stat comes to us via Digital Buzz Blog. Yes, you can save time by automating your content, but Facebook users like connecting with real people and not machines. If you content comes off as stilted or as auto updates from say Twitter, then your followers are going to shy away from your posts. There are things you can do to organize your social media strategies that will help minimize your time, like creating an editorial calendar and setting up your Google Alerts. However, is saving time by automating your social media worth seeing a 70% decrease in the likes and comments on your content?

So if these Facebook stats have you wishing you were doing a better job of marketing your business on this top social network, and you need help creating an optimized profile and a lead generation strategy, contact me at SmallBizMeda.tv for help.

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