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While many small businesses set their primary goal as getting followers on their Facebook fan page, the true success comes from “engagement”. Sure, the more people you have to broadcast your posts to, the better. But like any good marketing campaign, truly connecting with your market is more important than simply broadcasting to them. And on Facebook, getting your followers to like, share, and comment on your wall posts is where it’s at.

Facebook uses its “Edgerank” algorithm to measure fan engagement. This determines how your updates appear in the News Feeds of your fans. If you post and no one engages, your Edgerank score drops and then you don’t appear in your fans News Feeds. And if you aren’t appearing there, it’s less likely they’re going to pop over to your page to see if you have anything going on. If, however, your fans share, like, and comment on your posts, your ranks goes up and your gain more visibility. So even if you have thousands of followers, if no one is engaging your posts, your future posts could be seen by very few people.

How do you create posts that are engaging? Here are three key questions you need to answer.


1. Who is following you?

How well do you know your Facebook fan base? Facebook provides you the data. First, you can follow New Likes in your admin panel to the upper left of the masthead banner. To the right of that is the Insights section. If you click on the “See All”, you can access some drill-down data that shows you various data, including “Likes”. This shows you the demographics of the people who like your page, from their age to where they’re located, and the languages they speak. It helps to know who you’re reaching out to when you post your content.


2. What is of value / interest to them?

Now that you know who’s following you, you can target your posts to what is of interest to them. While you may be tempted to sell, sell, sell, social media isn’t the place. Instead, you should be thinking what they find valuable. For example, if you operate a furniture store, you don’t want to simply post your latest deal of the day. Instead, you can focus on things like decorating tips or inventive ways to care for furniture. You can add in mentions of your deals, but your posts need to be more about conversation. Find a healthy balance of education and entertainment. You may need to do some trial and error to find out what works with your followers.


3. What are you giving them that is different from the competition?

We believe that it helps to keep an eye on what your competition is doing, but it isn’t healthy to mimic them. Even though you’re in the same market, what works for one following doesn’t always translate to another. You need to find the fresh, original content that is in line with your brand. You can’t do the same thing as your competitors and hope to gain an advantage as a follower.

If you are struggling to find ways to engage your following on Facebook, I’m here to help. Contact me online and I’ll respond to your SOS call.

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