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Facebook photos

Last March, Facebook made a change that forced all fan pages to transition to the timeline layout. An immediate noticeable change was the big banner image that was splashed across the top of the Wall where you make your posts. While they limited the promotional capabilities of this billboard, it created an opportunity for businesses to think about what imagery best represents their brands.

But choosing the right image shouldn’t stop there. Including photos on your Photos tab and on your wall posts improve your ability to convey your brand and create content that visitors to your page are more likely to comment on and share with the people they know.

Here are four ways you can use photos on Facebook to increase the number of fans you attract to your page.


1. Your business is more than a logo.

While businesses typically want to get their logo out in the public view as their main ambassador for their brand, think about what other images can represent what your brand stands for. Start by clearly defining what words your team and your customers would use to define your brand. Look for images that represent those word and phrases. Generally, photos of people are more relatable than abstract images that are open for interpretation.


2. A good picture needs a strong caption.

Statistics indicate that Facebook users share posts that contain images over their text-only equivalents. However, an eye-catching picture alone isn’t enough. You need a well-crafted caption as a call to action (CTA) to support your image to engage your visitors and fans. Your CTAs should support your goals and your overall Facebook strategy. These can include a request to click on an embedded link, or to like your page, share a comment, and more.


3. Use candid photos.

On Facebook, people want to get to know and trust a brand before they will buy from a company. Stock images or well-posed, professional images are nice, but they can lack a certain natural, live feel. A non-staged photo, on the other hand, triggers a more genuine response. Don’t be afraid to let your brand show its human side. And in some cases, you can post photos and videos of your customers, as I have on my Facebook fan page for SmallBizMedia.tv. By putting candid photos of your customers in the spotlight, it shows you’re company cares about them and not just your bottom line.


4. Be creative.

It’s easy to fall in the trap of selecting images that are a literal representation of your products and services. While I’m not suggesting that you don’t use these photos, it helps if you infuse some Facebook photos that show off your creativity. In my last post, I discussed the findings of two college professors who did a study to identify what kind of content often goes viral. Ultimately they found content that triggers certain emotional responses have a much high share rate. Find photos that combine what your brand stands for while playing to the emotions it evokes in your target audience.


If you would like more help creating strategies and tactics for your Facebook fan page, contact us at SmallBizMedia.tv to discuss a plan for your business.

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Doug Dolan
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