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The only thing constant is change” appears to be the tagline for Facebook. Seems the ever-changing and might FB has decided to do it again. This time, they are altering the dimensions of the profile picture from the 125 x 125 to 160 x 160. Here is a copy of their statement:

“On April 26, we will be updating the size of the profile picture on all Pages. We are letting you know about this small change in advance so that you can update your profile picture on April 26. The new profile picture will be 160 x 160 pixels and will sit at 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the Page.”

What does this mean for you?

For your personal page, it probably doesn’t matter. For your fan page, it could have an impact. Since you were required to upload a profile picture with dimensions that are 180 x 180, your image will still fill in the cropped box that is visible on the page. If you are only managing your page, you may not have anything to do or maybe, at most, a quick fix.

However, if, like in the image example at the top of the page for Reference Point Software, you have a profile picture that was designed to line up with the masthead image, you may need to alter your image so everything lines up. And if you are a social media firm servicing a large number of clients, plan to work like accounts on tax day. Sure, all of these changes keep firms like us working, but they can get you into trouble too if you aren’t staying on top of your game.

If you want to see the latest information posted by Facebook about profile pictures, go to: https://www.facebook.com/help/profilepictures

So what’s up next from Facebook? Stay tuned. With Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram and their love of change, maybe we’ll see something there. Only Facebook knows.

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