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Sure, you’ve watched ‘em on YouTube. You’ve shared other people’s videos on Facebook. But have you let your business star in its own online videos as part of your SEO strategy?

If you still question whether online videos are right for your business consider this …

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google

83.8% of the US Internet audience viewed online videos

Cisco believes that online videos will be 90% of all global consumer traffic by 2015

Why do online videos rock? Here are some the primary benefits:

• Grab people’s attention
• Tell your story quickly
• Add another dimension to your ideas
• Create a buzz with edutainment
• Bring your brand into the 21st century
• Help build your SEO

Creating killer online videos with valuable content is a great start. However, there are some SEO elements you must include to maximize your exposure.


1. Alter the file name before you upload it.

When you download your video, you’ll likely have a non-description file name. Although YouTube allows you to rename it after you post it, rename it first. YouTube has shown some ranking boost when your video has a keyword-centric name before you upload it.


2. Write a keyword-rich description.

Don’t take keyword-rich to mean keyword-stuffed. Remember, ultimately you’re hoping to attract human viewers for your videos, so write a description that they understand and gets them to click on the play button. Having descriptions that look like they were written for a robot won’t help your cause. Make sure you include an active hyperlink adding in the leading http://.

A little insider secret … we recommend that you include the link at the beginning of your description because a limited amount of characters will appear in a Google search and in postings on other sites. This way when people see your video come up under a search, they can click on the link to your site.


3. Take advantage of the tags and other categories criteria.

YouTube and some of the other submission sites allow you to select categories for your videos. For example, does your video fit under the … or the … category? Update the tags to include relevant keywords. If you aren’t sure which keywords are best, you can always do a search on the video site and see what keywords competing videos use to rank high. If your business only services the local market, some directories give you the option to mark your location.


4. YouTube isn’t the only option.

While YouTube is the big boy on the block, there are a variety of other video submission sites where viewers spend time. You can upload your video to Vimeo, DailyMotion, and MySpace. By submitting your video to these other directories, you are increasing the possibility that you will capture more eyeballs. Plus, you are then including more links from reputable sites back to your site, helping your SEO.


5. Link to your videos.

Once you upload your videos to the different directories, link to them from your social media profiles and bookmarking sites. Share them on Facebook. Add them to your blog posts. Bookmark them on Digg and StumbleUpon.

If you have questions or want help producing online videos and taking maximum advantage of the SEO elements, contact us.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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  1. Phanio Says:

    Doug, Great post. Videos are the future for small business marketing. Also know that videos can be more than just for SEO. Videos are a great way to educate potential customers about your products or even how to use your products to get the most out of them (wouldn’t you like to see a video on how too get the most out of Facebook for your business?). Plus, people today seem to respond (remember) things they see visually more then just in print – think about all the TV watchers, video game players, ect. These users really respond to video presentations. So, the idea behind SEO is to drive people to your business and products – and videos can do both – two-fold.

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