3 Steps to Finding Your Voice in Your Social Media Marketing

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Voice? Why would a solopreneur SEO and SEM coach talk to you about voice in your social media marketing as a hot tip to get you ranked to the top of Google and the other search engines? Well, because “voice” matters. Voice is one of the critical aspects of grabbing the attention of your target market, firing them to follow you, and getting them to interact with and share your content and conversations on your social media profiles.

This may seem like an odd transition, but let’s take a quick quiz to see where your heads at when it comes to SEO …

Ian Lurie from Conversation Marketing (a guy that anyone interested in SEO should listen to) posted an SEO quiz on his blog with two similarly relevant questions to this post. They both basically asked, “Pick the most important SEO performance indicator on your site:

a) Rankings
b) Sales / leads from organic searches
c) Visits from organic searches / time on your site

If your answer is “a”, you value fame most. Sure, we all like the idea of being seen, but visibility doesn’t always translate into profitability. If you answered “c”, being liked is your top priority. Not a bad goal. However, just like fame, having friends isn’t the most important SEO performance indicator. You can buy social media friends these days. What’s most important is “b” … getting leads and making sales.

So what does voice have to do with all of this? Your “voice” in your social media marketing is what attracts people to you and gets them to know, like, and trust you … and ultimately buy from you.

Plus, the more they like your voice, the more likely they are to “like” your social media content. They are more likely to share it with their circle of friends and followers. And they are going to spend more time on your site, all of which helps your SEO.

Here are 3 steps to defining your dynamic voice in your social media marketing.


1. Plan your voice before you post.

People like consistency with their conversation. If your social media marketing portrays a different personality every post, you’re going to have a difficult time connecting with anyone. Your voice needs to be consistent with your brand. If you target different demographics, you can have different people within your organization represent the different personalities that connect with each group of people. The worst thing you can do is just get out there and see what happens. Think about who your target audience is instead of testing out multiple voices to see which one clicks.


2. Speak to “you”.

Do you like it when you receive a barrage of canned content that is meant for everyone? Which is really another way of saying, it speaks to no one. Conversation works so much better when you speak to a specific “you” instead of just posting bland, generic statements. And studies show that you respond to “you”. People are attracted to content that speaks to them.


3. It’s about value not volume.

Think about what you’re writing before you hit the post or tweet button. Try listening to it in your head as if you were a potential lead or customer. If your post leaves you thinking, “So what?” it needs some editing. Don’t let the quality of your content and conversation suffer just so you can hit a goal. That would be like tracking your success based upon the number of hits you get to your site. Hits don’t pay the bills. Customers who feel like you listen to them and understand their needs do. The clarity, consistency and quality of your voice are what make the difference.

How does your social media marketing voice help you stand out from the crowd?

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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