Top 10 Things You Should Do Right Now to Improve Your Internet Marketing Part 1

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If you saw the political drama / thriller, The Contender, Jeff Bridges, as the president, delivers a memorable line, “Who doesn’t want a shortcut to greatness?” While this was in the context of disgraced governor vying for the position of VP, the same statement holds true for many business owners who want to get quick visibility for the business with Internet marketing.

Getting tips without taking action is something that may make you feel smarter, but doesn’t help you attract any new customers. So in the spirit of expediency, I figured I would give you 10 tips that are things you can do right away with very little pain (if any) to help improve your visibility on the Internet. However, because of the length of this post, as usual, I am going to cut this into a 2-parter. No, I’m trying to frustrate you. I just want you to take action.


1. Set up your Title tags.

Talk to your web developer and your copywriter to see what keyword-rich content they included in the Title tags for your site. If they give you a bewildered look, they may be good at design and writing, but they failed you with your SEO. Your Title tags are the most important on-page SEO element.

Don’t confuse your Title tags with the titles of your articles, blog posts or other online content. These important SEO tags are 70-character or less descriptions (including spaces) found between thecode in the backend of your site. To save time, ask your web developer to take care of this. If they don’t know what Title tags are, replace them.


2. Fix your links.

Links are one of the best ways to help draw in visibility and leads to your site while aiding with SEO. However, in this dynamic environment, things change … pages no longer exist; sites change URLs, and more. Site visitors don’t like broken links. Search engines don’t like broken links. And neither should you. Check your site’s links using one of these tools: W3C Link Checker or Xenu. Then get your web developer on task to fix them.


3. Write your meta Description tags.

Just like the Title tags discussed above, you need to review the content set up in your meta Description tags. While it is debatable how much Google crawls and indexes keywords found in your Description tags, other search engines still view this content. Plus, your meta Description appears on the page with your URL on SERPs giving searcher detail about what they will find if they click on the link. This is your opportunity to catch their attention and get them to take action.

Your Description tag is the content found in the backend of your site between the quotation marks of the following HTML code:. Get your copywriter on the job if you don’t have descriptions set up or if your descriptions are over 156 to 160 characters.


4. Check the load speed of your site.

Who sticks around to check out a slow loading page? I don’t; do you? Part of your site’s ranking is based upon how long people stay on your site. A slow-loading website has two major problems: 1) If the search engines see a high percentage of bounces after only a couple of seconds, they ding your site as possible spam, and 2) the search engine spiders won’t spend the time crawling your entire site.

You want to target having the pages on your site load in less than five seconds. If they’re slow and you’re told it’s your Internet service provider, check your site’s load speed using this web site optimization tool. If the programming is good, see about changing your service provider. If you’re programming is problematic and your web developer can’t fix it, replace them.


5. Review any errors in your site’s programming.

Sites with programming problems create basically the same issues as the last point: visitors won’t like it and bail and the search engine spiders will lose their way. You could ask your web developer why you have problems, but to make sure you (and they) know, you can check programming errors using this markup validation service.

Come back on Friday to get the additional five tips for improving your Internet marketing. If you find any of this confusing and would like professional SEO and Internet marketing help before you have to pay for the other kind of professional help, contact

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