How Boring and Tedious Can Work to Your Advantage for Marketing on the Internet

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We live in an age of instant celebrity. From reality TV, to American Idol style stars search shows, and YouTube viral videos, we’ve evolved into an impatient society of mass media consumers. We expect / need something bold and new to catch our attention. With roughly 4,000 marketing messages being thrown at us from TV, radio, billboards, the Internet, and more, brands need to create Super Bowl-esque marketing to become famous.

Or do they?


Patience is a pre-requisite

While this is often the marketing strategy of the ill-advised and the desperate, the successful brands understand they can’t approach their Internet-based marketing with a one-hit wonder mentality.

We’re not recommending you take a boring, tedious approach to building your brand on the Internet. You do need to grab the attention of your ideal customers. However, building a brand takes patience. And it is because many small and medium-sized businesses find SEO (search engine marketing), SEM (search engine marketing), and SMM (social media marketing) as boring and tedious, they often bail before their brands even have a reasonable chance to make their mark.

It takes time to connect with leads, convert them into interested prospects, and get them to vote as customers with their dollars. Consumers and buyers are weary of gimmicks. Before they invest their time and their money, they want to know they are buying into a brand that will grow with their needs. They want to see a consistency of content and engaging conversation in the brands’ online marketing. Fortunately for the realistic and patient marketer, boring and tedious will weed out many competitors.

SEO and SEM is an investment, not instant success. You may have some successes as you start, but rarely does a brand hit the scene and suddenly take over. You can get your quick fixes with some tactics that produce new fans or a sudden surge of interest. However, you need to create your strategies with longer term goals.


Seth Godin agrees

If you think I’m wrong, let me introduce you to a post written on the subject by Seth Godin, the recognizably hairless entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and promoter of permission marketing. Even though his post on Internet marketing success was published a couple of years ago, the principles he discusses in it still apply today. Go figure a guy who graduated with degrees in computer science and philosophy, and has been a successful practitioner of what he preaches would know a thing or two on the topic.


Consider a SEO / SEM firm before you call it quits

While instant success may be tempting, look at the various traps he discusses. One or more of these will likely snare your brand if you aren’t willing to invest in more than your 15 minutes of fame.

If SEO and SEM seem boring and tedious to you, I understand. And I didn’t even discuss the education required to be successful and stay a success. Getting educated on how the search engines rank content, being aware of the new channels for conveying your message on the Internet, and crafting conversation-inspiring content amid all the competition is another investment of time and money. But this is what my partner and I enjoy and excel at, so before you simply opt-out from engaging your customers where they spend most of their time, go to my site and opt-in by filling in the form on the right of the page for a free SEO consultation.

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