6 Top Organic Link Building Techniques: Part 2

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Today’s post is part two in my two part series on the top six strategies for organic link building strategies. If you missed part one, I discussed three techniques: participating in your community online, providing original research, and blogging. It isn’t necessary that you read Part 1 first. You can read it after you’re done here.

OK, so let’s jump in to the remaining three techniques for increasing your organic backlinks.


4. Throw a fit.

This can be a tricky one since it can backfire on you if you don’t handle it right. We all need and / or appreciate a good rant now and then. We enjoy when someone vigorously articulates our frustrations. Humor works well in this scenario. And don’t be afraid to be controversial. When you have a good rant, you need to make sure you can connect with your target audience and become the big voice they wish they were.

I did mention that this could be tricky, however. First, a lack of authenticity will turn people off. Second, unless you brand yourself effectively as the “ranter” as a persona, people aren’t going to want to listen to you rant all the time. If you can craft a good rant eloquently about the frustrations your market shares, you’ll increase your chances for people within the community referring back to it from their blogs and in forums … all with links back to your original piece.


5. Make it easy to share.

Yes, you can simply let other people copy your URL and insert it into one of their posts, articles or Resources page, but why not give them the opportunity to share your great content generating a backlink by making it easy for them. If you are blogging using a platform like WordPress, there are a number of widgets you can upload that put the social sharing icons at the bottom. Look at the bottom of this post and you will see the “Share / Save” button with some social media icons. There are similar ways to accomplish this if you have a custom HTML site.

Another thing to consider when creating the titles for your pages, posts, and articles is to keep the URLs short. The average is less likely to cut and paste a URL into their content if it is lengthy. Just as you wouldn’t want to create a sales page with a strong call-to-action and not have a way they could click a button on the page to make a purchase, you also wouldn’t want to create quality content as in techniques 2 and 3 from the previous post, and not give readers an easy opportunity to share your post when they are inspired most to do so.


6. Create videos.

While a link inside a video won’t help you with a back link, you still have opportunities. First, think about your own sharing habits. How many times have you referred to a video and linked to it from your own site or social media network. Videos are great for generating viral awareness. You can post your videos on your YouTube channel and on your branding site or other site where you want to direct traffic to. Second, when you do post your videos to YouTube, don’t forget to write a keyword rich description and include a link back to your site.

A word of warning … don’t go out and try to get as many backlinks as possible. If that’s your goal, you can buy backlinks from essentially anonymous services that will get you hooked up to a wide variety of sites that will not bring in your ideal customers. Plus, linking from some of these sites can negatively affect your ranking. If you have any questions or if you are ready to get quality backlinks to improve your SEO and effectively funnel in your ideal clients, contact SmallBizMedia.tv.

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