SEO and Your Social Media Profiles – Part 2: LinkedIn

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Today’s post is part 2 of a four part series on SEO and your social media profiles. The first post focused on your solopreneur business’s Facebook fan page profile. Having a Facebook fan page is an essential, especially if you’re a B2C solopreneur business. Today we’ll talk about SEO and your LinkedIn professional profile. LinkedIn isn’t just a social network for connecting employers and job seeking candidates. It’s an excellent network for conveying your marketing message and connecting with businesses and key decision makers, an excellent network for B2B solopreneur businesses.


Name Field

Believe it or not, your name field is an SEO tag, meaning you could enter your name along with keywords. However, LinkedIn frowns upon this. Your name is part of your brand. I recommend you just stick with your name, especially as a solopreneur, and let the search engines find your keywords in the following sections.



Linked in has a section “Professional ‘Headline’” where you can enter in a 120 character description of about who you are. Some people will put their business’s name and title here. However, this is an excellent opportunity for you add in your keywords, which is what I recommend you use it for.

Think of it this way, if you own a SEO and SEM business like I do, and you want to have prospects who don’t know you find you, what will they search by? Your name? Your business’s name? Keywords? If a prospect is seeking an SEO consultant, that’s what you should list in your headline. Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile. You’ll see how I have several keywords separated by a vertical line. When you’re typing in your keywords, you can hold down the shift key and hit the back slash key that’s just above your “Enter” key on your keyboard.


Your Photo

The search engines search tags of images. When you upload your photo, make sure the image has your name as the file name.


Summary, Specialties, and Skills

Here you have three more sections to not only let the other LinkedIn members know who you are, but you get three more sections to include your keywords.


One Insider Secret

In the top right corner of the page, LinkedIn has its search bar, allowing members to search by People, Updates, Jobs, and more. If you are a SEO consultant and you want to come up top on the list, you need to have the keyword phrase “SEO consultant” in your profile more times than any other profile. For example, if you do a search by this keyword phrase and you review the top profile LinkedIn lists at the top of their responses, and you count the phrase “SEO consultant” 25 times in the profile, you will need this phrase at least 26 times in yours in order to move your profile to the top of the class.

One quick note, don’t forget you are writing your profile for people, too. And those people may be customers and prospects. Will they want to connect with you if they see you are using cheap tricks like stuffing each SEO section of your profile with the same keywords over and over again? In most case, no.

BTW – just a quick disclaimer. If you’ve spent any time using social media, for personal fun or professional connections, you know the social media networks make changes to their services regularly. So if you’re reading this in 3 months time and LinkedIn has made a revision, contact us through my SEO & SEM site,, for latest updates.

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Doug Dolan
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