Is Your Marketing Message Mobile?

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Who has time these days to wait until they get home or can get to a quiet place to use their Wi-Fi enabled laptop to connect with the outside world when many cell phones and smartphones give them the same access? Estimates indicate that eight-three percent of adults in the US own a cell phone, and forty-two percent of them use an iPhone, Blackberry or similar smartphone. A high percentage of these mobile connected users access their email and the Internet multiple times a day. With this being an increasing trend, have you made the move to make your marketing message mobile?

Here are 4 simple solutions to help transition your marketing message to a mobile world.

1. Minimize your emails for mobile-friendly consumption.
Email is still a common method of communication. However, when you consider the busy lives of people accessing email via their cell phones and smartphones, and the smaller screens for viewing, lengthy emails become a menace. By shortening your subject line, delivering a quick message, and providing links to a landing page and social media networks, you make your message more mobile friendly.

2. Make it easy for customers to connect.
Although originally developed 17 years ago, the use of QR codes have exploded with the rise and evolution of camera-equipped cell phones and smartphones. QR codes are those black and white, two-dimensional, matrix barcodes that you may have seen popping up in ads in store windows, on business cards, in magazine ads, on signs, and other spaces occupied by some form of marketing. They allow a camera phone user with the correct reader app to quickly decode targeted marketing that may be text, a URL, a vCard, discount coupons, and more.

If you are a B2C business and collect customer contact info with handwritten cards or other manual processes that can introduce human error, consider giving the texting cell phone and smartphone users the ability to sign themselves up via text. You’ll need to check with your email provider if you have this capability.

3. Give customers the opportunity for social interaction.
The best time to capture customer feedback and endorsement is when they are having a positive experience. Many smartphones come standard with a Facebook and Twitter app. Do you have your accounts set up? Do you make them known to your adoring fans? If not, you’re missing out on THE best form of marketing … WOM (word of mouth). Just don’t forget to ask your customers to get the word out.

4. Do you foursquare?
Some people just like to let the world know where they’re hanging out. If you run a brick-and-mortar biz, consider asking people to sign in and let the world know they’re hanging with you. Foursquare is the leading location-based platform. Yelp and Citysearch offer similar services.

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