Ludo Takes a Bite out of Conventional Thinking

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Have you watched the show “Ludo Bites America” on the Sundance Channel? This reality show focuses on famous French Chef, Ludo Lefebvre, and his wife, Krissy, as they travel the US to set up pop-up restaurants by combining Ludo’s 5-star talents with local favorites. This helps inspire restaurant owners to shake things up and live outside of their comfort zone, while giving their customers a new taste on some of their local favorite dishes.

On a recent episode, Ludo and Krissy travel to North Omaha in search of local Americana cuisine. They stop in at Big Mama’s Kitchen. As a former owner of an award-winning fine dining establishment, I have a particular interest in the creativity of the culinary arts. As a business owner and marketer, I am always on the lookout for evolving ideas that are transforming the way people connect with their target audience.

In this episode, we get to know Big Mama, somewhat a local celebrity for her food and her charitable contributions. Intro the Lefebvres, a couple of no particular importance to Big Mama other than being paying customers. Ludo and Krissy propose their pop-up restaurant idea to Big Mama. She says she has to think about allowing them to invade her kitchen. As a former restaurateur, I can tell you, owners … especially owner / chefs … are very protective of their space and their customers. Couple this with the fact that Ludo proposes serving French infused soul food at Big Mama’s Kitchen when she finds French cuisine boring, and you’ve got the necessary drama for reality show success.

I recommend you check out the episode. It is entertaining. Plus, the culinary creations look incredible. However, as s solopreneur, you can learn so much more than what “a la minute” means in the culinary world.

Here are 5 key small business points to take away from this episode.

1. Put your assumptions aside.

2. Step outside your comfort zone.

3. It takes evolution to stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers interested.

4. Who can you partner with to introduce you to a new audience? And when it’s possible, partner with a recognizable, influential person or business.

5. Don’t assume social media won’t work for you.

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Doug Dolan
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