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I hope you caught my previous post titled, “Google Growing from Search to Social with Google+”. In it, I discussed what Google promises to be the hot new social media network and others have loosely called the Facebook killer. I didn’t give Google+ a thumbs up or down because I haven’t had the opportunity to experience it’s promises first hand, plus I know there are always bugs that need exterminating. After discussing the many features and promised benefits of Google+ and how it may revolutionize social media and networking, I basically signed off with “We’ll see.”

That was a week ago.

There is one glaring error, in my humble estimation, that Google overlooked … the ability for businesses to connect with customers. As you can see from the video, Google promises that their engineers are working diligently on creating specific features for businesses, but I have to ask, “Why wasn’t this part of the initial launch?”

Let’s take a look at some quick Facebook stats:

The average number of “likes” per post on a brand’s Facebook page is 54. (source: Visibili, April 2011)

More than half of B2B marketers agree that Facebook is an effective marketing tool. (source: Outsell, December 2009)

More than half of small businesses agree that Facebook is beneficial to their business. (source: Ad-ology, November 2010)

More than 1/3 of marketers say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business. (source: HubSpot 2011)

The Number of marketers who say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased 83% in two years. (source: HubSpot 2011)

67% of B2C and 41% of B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer through this channel. (source: HubSpot 2011)

Google, why would you want to delay this opportunity to get businesses big and small involved? Actually, as it stands right now, you can put yourself on a waiting list for a Google+ profile. Plus, as of now, you can’t get a custom URL (like you can get with Facebook) to match your name or that of your business when they let businesses participate. When you are allowed to create a Google+ profile, you’ll receive a long string of numbers as your URL extension identifier. To get a customer URL, you’ll need to go through a service like

So good for Google for creating business specific features in Google+, but bad for Google for not giving businesses the opportunity to participate right away.

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Doug Dolan
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