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Did you catch country crooner, John Rich, hear The Donald proclaim him the winner of the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice last night? I love watching the pressure cooker situations that Donald Trump and Executive Producer, Mark Burnett, create for celebrities to fight for exposure and big donation dollars for their favorite charities. The show treaches tremendous lessons on how to be a successful entrepreneur including time management, project management, marketing, sales, and

If you missed, I’m sorry if I spoiled the surprise. John Rich and actress, Marlee Matlin were the final two contestants. While I felt that Marlee had the stronger final task, it looks like John Rich may have pulled of the win for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital based upon overall season performance.

While Entertainment Weekly claims this season’s finale had the lowest ratings, this season overall was my favorite season. I did miss a couple of TV airings, but I caught the missed episodes on NBC’s web site.

Here are my top 4 reasons why this season was the best:

1. Gary Busey.
‘Nuff said. Not sure why? Catch an episode on replay, especially how he handled Meatloaf coming at him like a bat out of hell.

2. Meatloaf’s passion.
I am passionate about helping people maximize their passions for a more fulfilling business and life overall. From Day 1 through helping Marlee try to achieve the big prize for her charity, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, Meatloaf was pure passion … which some took as a sign of craziness or weakness. I loved his passion.

3. Marlee Matlain’s focus.
While there was some question whether she was delegating responsibility appropriately during the finale, overall, I thought she shined. Plus, she raised $1 million for her charity in one episode. Even with Hollywood friends, this is no small feat.

4. John Rich’s entrepreneurial move.
While the final task didn’t include raising money for their charities, John Rich figured he might as well take the opportunity to leverage the exposure for some extra dollars for St. Jude’s. Marlee was taken aback when John announced he raised over $250k for his charity during the finale. She said if it were part of the task to raise more money, she could have. I give it to John for not playing by the rules and just doing what he was told he could and going for what was really important to him, raising money for his charity.

Congrats, John Rich. And congrats St. Jude’s.

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Doug Dolan
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