Are You a Struggling with SEO?

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Today’s post was inspired by an article I recently read by Business2Community, a site dedicated to creating an “open community where professionals and businesses can connect with one another and the consumers of their products and services.”

The author, Nick Stamoulis, penned the piece titled, “4 Types of SEO Clients to Avoid” to appeal to companies that provide SEO services to other businesses. However, in reading it, it struck me how it is a great read for solopreneurs and small businesses struggling with SEO. Whether you are doing your own SEO or you’ve invested in an outsourcing agency to succeed with it for you, if you aren’t seeing the results you’re hoping for, it may not be the tools you’re using or the agency you’ve hired, but you may be the root of the problem.

As a small business owner of a social media service company, SmallBizMedia.TV, I can appreciate what Nick is suggesting. Here are his four types of clients to avoid (or avoid being):

  1. Clients that are impatient
  2. Clients that only rely on SEO
  3. Clients that will be more of a pain than they are worth
  4. Clients that have a bad web site

While I could rehash what is already in the original piece and put my own spin on it, I think it’s best that you click on the link above and read the article. From experience, I agree with the points that the author makes. When reading it, stop and honestly assess your own beliefs about SEO and your overall marketing strategies. Does it sound like this article is telling SEO consultants and agencies to avoid you?

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Doug Dolan
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