How Long Does “Like” Last?

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Is it possible that you don’t know about Facebook and the power it has for getting you noticed by potential customers and keeping you connected to current ones? Since Facebook has over 600 + million active users, I’m going to make an assumption, for this post, that you are a socially active solopreneur.

With this being said, I’m going to skip talking about what a “Like” is. Instead, I am going to make you aware of some recent research statistics stating just how long a “Like” lasts for building awareness for your brand.

According to Visibli, a link sharing service provider, 50% of all “Like”s on Facebook happen within the first 80 minutes from the time companies post content to their page. That number goes to 95% within 22 hours.

How can this data help you in planning your social media activities?

Realize how short attention spans have become. From the time you post new content to attract your ideal customers and keep your relationships with current customers strong, it will be forgotten by most within a day. This indicates how frequently you should consider posting new content.

You will need to find the right balance between being remembered without being overbearing. You can provide more than one post a day to your Facebook fan page. Three or four posts seem to be acceptable. Five or more can be annoying. Less than once a day is easy to forget. You may want to consider the following content to share on your fan page:

  1. Original educational content
  2. An influential person’s quality content
  3. Inspirational quote
  4. Personal message
  5. Question or a poll
  6. Something fun

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Doug Dolan
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2 Responses to “How Long Does “Like” Last?”

  1. Phanio Says:

    My problem with facebook and twitter is not putting content out there, it is actually getting new likes, fans or followers. Maybe it is that I don’t put out content that others want to like or that I don’t spend enough time doing it. But, I still try to please those few that do like my content.

  2. Douglas Dolan Says:

    There’s usually a combination of things that you can do to help build your base (organically).

    1. Post great content.
    2. Don’t make it all about business. Open up to your personal side and post content that connects with the human interests of your target audience.
    3. Seek people out. Invite them to become a follower or to “like” your page. Waiting for people to find and follow you can be a very slow process.
    4. Be focused on your approach. Creating content for “everyone” often attracts “no one”.
    5. Be consistent … consistent with the quality of your content and the frequency of your content. People like consistency. It’s comforting. They can follow it.
    6. Be patient. Some people need to become familiar with your content and the consistency of the frequency before they’ll follow or “like” you.

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