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While many solopreneurs and small business owners already have their hot idea dialed in, many struggle with how to market it. When you think about successful Internet marketing, which is mightier … original content or links and “Like”s?

Let’s quickly define what successful internet marketing is. It’s researching your market. It’s connecting with your target market. It’s building a list of leads. It’s building relationships with those leads to get them to know, like and trust you so ultimately they will buy from you. And it is about keeping the post-sales relationship healthy so they continue to buy from you, and give you positive testimonials and referrals.

So with this definition, if you didn’t have either to begin with, which would you pay money for … great original content on a regular basis or incoming links and likes? Most people who aren’t familiar with Internet marketing say they’ll take the links and likes. But if you didn’t have to choose between the two, would you? What’s really needed is a balanced approach.

Think of it this way … if you’re trying to get a number of people to “Like” your page (after you’ve run through your list of family and friends like a focused Amway salesperson), think about who is going to like your page and why. If you don’t try to connect with the people that would gain the biggest benefit from what you are offering and give them something of value, why should they do you the favor of clicking a “Like” button, tagging you, or sharing your links and videos?

Creating great content without making it readily accessible to the people that want it the most won’t work. And putting money into automated programs or PPC campaigns just to drive people to a site without anything beyond “Buy from me right now” can capture some opportunities, but it isn’t a recommended method for building a long-term business.

So many solopreneurs and small businesses have trouble with this concept because they are thinking about them and how great their business is, the value that they can give to the market and the money they can make from it. If this is you, stop for a minute and try to think about how you react when you encounter a business with great call-to-action links that take you to a site with a weak offer and no credibility.

One without the other creates an ineffective marketing campaign. It may be that you need to distribute your time / your money more effectively.

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Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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