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Might be kind of strange hearing me say, “Hello World!” when we’ve been chatting up the life of a solopreneur here for over 2 years. But when I titled this, “Hello World!” I wasn’t thinking about me, I was thinking about how you might be getting your solorpeneur message out to your ideal prospects and customers. So, I wanted to introduce you to a new venture I have with my wonderful Small Biz Break partner, Maria. It’s a division of Small Biz Break called, SmallBizMedia.TV.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the site, but I felt that I needed to give you a heads up as to why I haven’t been posting here with my regular frequency. I haven’t forgotten about you, my solopreneur friend. Just been a little tied up with building the site and applying our Internet marketing talents for the benefit of some of our customers by creating squeeze pages, setting up social media profiles, writing new copy, etc…

On the SmallBizMedia.TV site, we set us a blog to help you with the following:

  • Insight into what exactly is the power of Internet marketing
  • How different it is than traditional offline marketing and why you can’t treat them the same
  • How to integrate Internet marketing with your offline efforts for better results

And if there is something about Internet marketing that you would like to know, stay tuned … or better yet … please, ask away. What’s the best way to submit your questions?

1. If you’re a writer, you can email us your questions to contact@smallbizmedia.tv or leave a comment on any post.

2. If you’re tired of typing emails and prefer to leave a question without speaking to someone live, record your question using your webcam or digital recorder and send your recording as an attachment to our email listed above.

3. We’re available on social media. Hit us up on Twitteror leave a comment on our Facebook fan page.

4. Or if you want to speak to one of us live, call us at (410) 500-6071 or (928) 273-5069.

All of our channels are open. We’re listening and ready to respond. Thanks for tuning in!

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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