The Law of Attraction

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We all want a multitude of loving, adoring, buying fans. And we put our energy out there to try and attract them to our brilliance and our fantastic products and services. But many solopreneurs are left wondering, “Where’s the love?”

You spend money on ads. You take a couple of hours a day pasting up messages, answering questions, and tweeting to the masses on the various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And for all of your time and effort, you’re left wondering, “Why isn’t anyone responding?”

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, you are building a relationship where you need to give people the opportunity to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you. So many solopreneurs skip past the know, like and trust and try to go right for the buy.

If you are struggling to make the connections you seek, you need to consider how strong of a customer magnet you are creating and how you are using it.

Here are the top 3 things to review for your customer magnet:

1. How do you define your ideal customers?
I guess I really should ask, “Do you define your ideal customer?” Are you taking a strategy of throwing out your message to the mass market and seeing whom you might attract? This is a dangerous strategy loaded with possibilities for wasting time and money or confusing the very people that you may want to attract.

Most solopreneurs that do define their target market fall short by only defining the Demographics and some limited version of Demands. My Small Biz Break partner, Maria, and I create a 3-D model when we help our customers define their ideal customers. Why 3-D?

First, there are 3 Ds: Demographics, Demands, and Disposition.

Second, because you need to envision that you are reaching out to a real, 3-dimensional person … because you are.

If you are writing your marketing copy and social media messages trying to reach a broad market, you will end up with a bland message that isn’t going to do much to attract anyone. You can’t speak the language that will grab your ideal customers’ attention if you don’t have a clear definition of their three Ds.

2. Where are you spending your time?
While you may be a Facebook fan, your customers may be spending time hanging out over at LinkedIn or Twitter. The reality is you need to create a marketing strategy based upon the various top social media sites where your customers spend time. While you may make the initial connect on Twitter, it’s likely they have a professional profile on LInkedIn and a more laid back interaction on Facebook. And they are likely to spend time on all three networks depending upon their Disposition and their Demand.

You can’t attract them if you aren’t spending quality time on the various networks.

3. Who are you in return?
Are you the whiz at auto responders? Do you send messages out, but spend very little time speaking with the people that leave you messages? So much of the activity that many struggling solopreneurs take on social media sites and in other forms of marketing is a one-way conversation.

Great that your followers get a canned messages from you when they “friend” or “follow” you, right? Wrong!

Do you like being treated like a spam receptacle? People want to connect with people … real people. Not a logo. Not a canned response. As a matter of fact, these actions can hurt you in some cases, turning away the very people that you want to attract.

Look at your targets as real 3-dimensional people … because they are. Don’t try speaking at them like they’re simply a demographic. And show them you’re a real 3-D person, too.

If you’re struggling with this concept, help is available. At Small Biz Break, we are hosting a live webinar to go over this topic in greater detail. We’ve aptly named it, “Discover How to Attract Your Ideal Customers and Have Them Know, Like and Trust You”.

We will be holding the webinar live on Tuesday April 12th at 2:00PM EST. Even if you can’t make the event, but know that this insight will help create breakthrough opportunities for your solopreneur business, register. Seating is limited because we are limited on phone lines for those that prefer to call in. And if you miss the event, but you register, you will be able to listen to the playback, plus download our review sheet to help you focus on making the appropriate changes to your business.

You can register for the event here.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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