Time Management versus Time Mastery

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While these two terms may sound similar, they are really separate … but cooperative. And if you understand their individual values and the order to put them in, you can achieve astounding results.

I think you’ll see far more attention focused on time management, but this is really secondary to time mastery. It helps separate a schedule of busy work from a day full of goal achieving activities that can lead to big results.

Are you familiar with Steven Covey’s example of Start with the Big Rocks?

If not, you can watch a video here where he does an excellent job of demonstrating visually how most people confuse this lesson by filling up their time with busy work first.

And you may be likely to do the same because often we need to clear our schedule and our thinking from the busy work before we feel like we can focus on the big issues. Plus, it can feel rewarding … and often tension relieving … to get so many things checked off of our to-do list quickly. As solopreneurs, we love taking action.

However, you can lose weeks, months, even years to busy work before you even start to pay enough attention to the big issues. And then, you can be left wondering why you aren’t achieving your full potential … which can lead to self-doubt, some confusion, possibly procrastination, and often overwhelm to creep in to our businesses.

Time Mastery is about putting the right things on the schedule based upon your goals … objective, clear, concise goals that you have the power to affect … not vague, subjective things that other people have control over.

You need to master your goal setting and prioritization first before you can consider time management.

Time Management is about setting a schedule for your day, your week, your month, and your year … and setting rules for how you will contain your schedule. For example, you may decide that you will focus your time to 10 hours a day 5 days a week. Whatever works for the harmony you seek between your personal and professional lives.

Once you set your rules, stick to them! Because once you open up the opportunity to start pouring more things into your schedule, you’ll wish you were getting more done on your goal achieving activities, but in reality you’ve only increased your time bucket to fit in more busy work that will dilute your energy and your focus for your big issues.

If you are struggling with the activities your are accomplishing in your day or you’re dissatisfied with the results you’re achieving, you likely need to take a step back and focus on your time mastery techniques of defining and refining your goals instead of investing more effort into your time management skills and better to-do lists or software programs.

If you have trouble doing this on your own, contact me.

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Doug Dolan
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