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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Tshombe Brown, the amiable and talented solopreneur behind Your Signature Coaching & Consulting and The Magnetic Entrepreneur.

I apologize ahead of time for some feedback that was coming in on my line. I couldn’t edit it out, but don’t let this stop you from getting the great information that Tshombe shares. Fortunately, there isn’t any feedback on Tshombe’s line.

Tshombe discusses some off the things that are common mistakes for starting a solopreneur business as well as key reasons why people struggle with sales. So listen in.

The interview is roughly 38 minutes.

You can listen here or click on the link and download the MP3 TSG Interview Tshombe Brown 021111 .

To get in touch with Tshombe to learn more about him and his coaching programs to improve your sales, go to his sites listed below. His contact information is on both.

Signature Coaching & Consulting
The Magnetic Entrepreneur
Tshombe Brown

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Doug Dolan
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