Putting the New Year’s Resolutions Into Action

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I’m excited to let you in on a New Year’s resolution that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. It’s the start of a new coaching program my Small Biz Break partner, Maria, and I are putting together. I apologize that I haven’t had a post up here in that time, but this resolution is a priority.

It isn’t that we are focused on us and not you, quite the opposite. We are passionate about helping you grow your business. One of our resolutions is to provide you with a greater service.

Since our desire is to put together the best program for you that will give you the greatest transformation in your business that you seek, we are asking for your feedback. No sense in putting together a program that doesn’t solve your biggest problem, right?

Based upon the status of your business today and what holds you back from achieving the level of success you desire, which of the following programs sound like what you want or need:

1. Thinking Like the You of Tomorrow
How to change your thinking to achieve bigger results

2. Discovering Your Shortest Path to Success
How to avoid procrastination, a lack of confidence and burn out while keeping focused on specific actions to achieve your desired success

3. Finding Your Market’s Sweet Spot
How to attract more of the right customers

4. Creating Your Blueprint for Success
How to avoid multiple false starts

5. Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary Through Massive Action
How to replace your busy work with results producing action

6. Why Do it On Your Own When Others Want to Do It for You
How to rally others to your cause to achieve greater success faster

7. The 4 Rs for Perpetual Success
How you can use your success to create greater success

You can vote for one program title or multiple titles in the comments (and any other comments you may have on the help you want).

Thank you in advance for your participation.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


6 Responses to “Putting the New Year’s Resolutions Into Action”

  1. Giovanni Strain Says:

    Hi Doug, I like your topic titles you have listed but I have a few topics to add to your existing ones. Maybe you can cover theses questions as well?

    Suggested topics:

    How to get a biz going in a recession.

    How to find business money when banks aren’t loaning it out.

    How to get family members to buy into my business ideas.

    How to develop a new business while recuperating from surgery.

    How to put together a powerhouse business team.

    How to do the same thing and get different results.

    Discover the ins and outs of a “cash” business.

    How to successfully create and run a business without a MBA.

    How to find a business that won’t take up all my time on weekends.

    How to discover the biggest business “need” in your community without giving ideas to others who will steal your idea and get it going before you can arrange funding and partnerships.

    How to manage a restaurant when you don’t know jack about running a restaurant except how to read a menu and calculate the tip.

    How to run a consulting business so you don’t have to really work at a 9-5 job.

    How to get your young, energetic, creative, and connected offspring excited enough and trained enough to help create and run a business so that you can turn it over to them very quickly and become a “paid consultant” while they do all the sweaty jobs.

    How to make money by surfing the internet because nothing good is on TV.

    How to operate on the very edge of legitimacy and keep the tax people and L&I people from looking too closely, while maximizing profits.

    How failing to plan means planning to fail.

    How to steal someone else’s business idea and get it going before that person realizes his idea was swiped.

    How to invent something like Facebook and make billions, then pay most of that to lawyers from the constant lawsuits you must endure. (I watched The Social Network this weekend.) Zuckerberg came off like a jerk. A jerk with 5 billion dollars. But a jerk none-the-less.

    Whoops, I just read that you wanted “some no BS feedback.”

    Never mind.

  2. Duke Getzinger Says:

    I think that they all sound valid and on target. The level of importance and interest will depend on where the individual is in their business. While 1 and 2 sound intriguing – 3,4,6 sound like the pay off would be more immediate.

  3. Paulina Says:

    I am voting for program 1 and 2.

  4. Douglas Dolan Says:

    Paulina, thanks for your vote.

  5. Douglas Dolan Says:

    Duke, thanks for your insight.

  6. Douglas Dolan Says:

    Gio, thanks for your answer :). I have ideas and insight for most of these. Give me your top 3 and I would love to respond.

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