What’s Got You Stuck, Solopreneur?

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Do you have a tough time going to sleep at night wondering how you can achieve the success you dreamed of when you started your new business? Do you procrastinate during the day because you aren’t sure what action you should take that will produce the results you are hoping for? Do you simply feel stuck with your solopreneur startup?

If so, you likely have had one of the following thoughts:

… if only I could do a better job of managing my time …

.. I just need to learn how to be more effective at sales …

… I wish I knew how to manage my finances better …

… I’ve got to learn how to create a Facebook fanpage and figure out what to do with YouTube …

I know I have.

Although all the above statements are valid, and do require that you find a way to manage them successfully, for most, these are just symptoms of a deeper problem.

We are so condition to “just do something” … take action! But when you take an approach of fire and then aim, you’re taking the long road to success.

Trust me, I understand why you’ve taken the approach of just take action. With all the online “gurus” spewing out mantras to support the belief that success is just a quick couple of actions away, why wouldn’t you just jump in? You’re intelligent and talented, right? If it worked for them, why shouldn’t it work for you?

What you probably don’t realize is that some of these people have been at it for a long time … and had a few failures along the way. And through this process of failing frequently, they found their own success. And it is possible that it can work for you, too.

While you may be tempted to learn how to tinker with Twitter, or hire a marketing consultant to craft a beautiful looking logo and tag line, none of this matters if your business idea (and why you are doing it) is flawed.

You will never manage your time better if you don’t know what direction to go in because you lack research and a plan. You certainly won’t dedicate your time effectively if you don’t have a passion for your purpose.

Being a better salesperson won’t help you effectively sell something that you don’t have a strong belief is the best solution for your customers’ problems. Besides, if it doesn’t meet their needs, they won’t be interested in purchasing whatever you’re pitching.

Learning the latest techniques for social media success can’t save a bad business idea. Hopefully, you can fail fast and move on to a better business idea.

However, if you want to keep from getting stuck in the trial and error of various tactics, you need strong, integrated answers to these 3 fundamental questions:

1. Why did you start your solopreneur startup in the first place?
Were you pursuing a personal talent? Did you have a passion for the people that you planned on helping? Did your business allow you to maximize your strengths and experience? Or were you simply pursuing a perceived opportunity?

2. What do you know about your market?
Did you do any research before you opened for business? Did you find out what was the biggest problem your market was experiencing and how they were resolving it? Were you offering an improved solution … that they wanted? Is there successful competition in the market? Was there enough of an opportunity in the market to create the success that you wanted?

3. What was your plan?
Did you create any form of a plan? Did you create any goals with a plan for how you would accomplish those goals? Did you believe in your plan?

If you don’t have strong answers to the 3 fundamental questions above about your solopreneur startup, don’t waste any more time or money trying to figure out how can improve your tactics. Stop and reconsider your business idea and your strategies.

If you’re not sure how, contact me.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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