3 Secrets for Going from “I Can’t” to “I Did”

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You’ll notice at the top of my site, my tagline is “helping solopreneurs create and grow successful, sustainable businesses”. Another way of saying this is, “I hate wasted potential!

All solopreneurs have a differentiating blend of strengths, experience, passions, and personal, professional and financial goals. And there are people that can benefit from the products and services resulting from your unique blend. However, are you trapped in fear and frustration because your ego convinces you that you should keep you goals small … or that you should just give up?

Stop for a second!

Don’t read further if the last paragraph didn’t really sink in.

I want to point out a couple of things that most people subconsciously miss … or consciously don’t know how to get around.

If you are in search of the magic pill that you can buy to do all the work for you to make all the negatives in your life disappear, you are wasting your time. The magic that you want to have happen is already within you. You just need help seeing that and understanding how you can leverage your own inner power.

Artist William H. Johnson had a wonderful quote, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” I find this to be a very empowering. It puts the responsibility where it belongs … with YOU! This doesn’t imply that other people won’t support you in your pursuit of your passion and your goals; they will. However, people will only help you for so long if you aren’t passionate about being the leader in your own life. They want to see that you won’t let their help go to waste. They want to see that you care more about your own success than they do.

Here are 3 secrets I know for turning an existence of fear and frustration into simple, spontaneous, success:

1. Focus on what you have.
Far too many of us get stuck because we focus on what we don’t have. Remember, two talents of solopreneurs are the ability to be resourceful and creative. Focus your thinking on what you do have and how you can creatively leverage them instead of what you don’t.

You have specific talents. You have experience that other people can learn from. You have people in your life who are willing … scratch that … who want to see you successful. You have (or can attract) people in your life who share a similar vision that have the same passion for seeing the vision become a reality. You have a wide variety of free tools and resources available to you online and offline.

How can you put all these “haves” together to move you forward to achieving your goals?

2. Take action.
Procrastination is a killer. Procrastination is your enemy. Are you allowing the fear of “I haven’t done enough yet to …” or “I don’t know how to …” to talk you into why you shouldn’t take action? There is a simply remedy to curing procrastination … take action! Do what you can instead of living in what you can’t. Even if your action doesn’t result in immediate, huge success, it’s far better to fail fast than to fail over a lengthy period of time as a result of taking little steps slowly. At least with failing fast, you will gain insight quickly as to what works and what doesn’t.

3. What right do you have not to?
If you caught my last post, you will have read the story of Martin whom I met at Adam Urbanski’s Attract Clients Like Crazy boot camp in Vegas. Martin takes that thinking of “What right do I have to try to help people with [insert your own training program or product here]?” and replaces it with, “What right do I have to hold back my [insert your own training program or product here] from the people that need it?”

A shift in your thinking, in your perceptions and in your beliefs will lead to a massive change in the action you not only can take, but will take.

If you find you’re having trouble turning these secrets into success, contact me. I am passionate about helping you achieve your maximum potential.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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