What Happens In Vegas Can’t Stay in Vegas

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So Just a quick update today as I sort things out from a very interesting and exciting weekend. I’ve been a little slow in getting my regular blog posts out over the last two weeks. Sorry to all of my solopreneur friends.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a big believer in ongoing education. So I took my own advice and attended Attract Clients Like Crazy Boot Camp hosted by Adam Urbanskiin Las Vegas over the last four days with about 30 other solopreneurs and small business partnerships.

Now before I get into, let me add a little disclaimer … I am not getting paid by anyone for this posts or the links herein. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, too. Besides, I’m not doing you any favor and I’m only devaluing my name and my efforts if I give a recommendation to anyone and it turns out that what they offer is crap.

I value honesty and integrity highly.

So a quick rundown about the event …

As I mentioned, there were about 30 solopreneurs in attendance for the 4-day event to learn how to better attract clients, retain them as satisfied customers and grow revenues and profits.

Adam Urbanski was the host and primary educator at the event along with some excellent guest speakers … nut job (with all due respect … and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it) Tony Horton from P90X fame, talented animator Ray Karkpuska of Video-Bookends.com, gifted Lisa Sasevich from The Invisible Close, and others.

Other speakers included Adam’s students who have used his strategies and tactics to increase their businesses. It’s always a great ringing endorsement when successful students with multi-million dollar businesses praise the benefits they get from your business. I would happily list their names and their businesses here, but I haven’t contact them or Adam to get their approval. So I’ll respect their privacy until I hear otherwise.

Here are just 4 benefits I walked away with from the event:

New Friends
Kinda sounds like summer camp, doesn’t it. But, it’s true. I met some truly talented, friendly people who are pumped to grow their business and help others do the same. Never underestimate the power of networking at events like this. Plus, we now have a unique experience that binds us together. What a shame to let that go to waste! Fortunately, Adam draws a good quality audience.

Think Big
The biggest issue I found that I have been facing is that I have been thinking too small. I went to the event seeking out new strategies and tactics … which I got … but strategies and tactics will only produce small results if you apply them to a small thinking plan. I need to start thinking bigger and Adam’s program along with brainstorming with the other attendees has been a big help.

Take Massive Action
OK, Big Thinker, whatcha gonna do? Now that you’ve got big ideas, you need to take massive action to implement them. Just as small thinking produces small results, so does taking only small steps. If you read my previous posts, I talk about time management and prioritizing your day. Don’t get bogged down with the little actions that have little impact. Or at least, find a way to systematize and automate them for efficiency.

What Right Do I Have?
Have you ever thought, “What right do I have to teach … (insert your own area of expertise)” or “What right do I have to provide … (insert the name of the product you want to create)”? It is a common reaction to think what we have to offer isn’t valuable enough.

One of the student / speakers was an accomplished businessman that we’ll call Martin. During his speech, Martin asked (paraphrasing), What right do you have to hold back your talents from those that need them? Good point, Martin.

My thinking has been backwards. Shame on me if I hold back applying what I’ve learned in Vegas.

How about your thinking? Where are you holding you back? What are you going to do about it? And once you tune into your own personal talents, you better take massive action to get your talents out to those that need them most.

Do you need a kick-start to finding your own focus? Register for access to my Solutions Center and download your free copy of “My Idea, My Business” that will help you define a business that is an extension of your strengths and experience while pursuing your passion in pursuit of your personal and financial goals.

If you need further help, contact me.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


2 Responses to “What Happens In Vegas Can’t Stay in Vegas”

  1. Adam Urbanski Says:

    Hey Doug,

    Thank you for your kind words about my program. I’m glad you found it valuable and I look forward to seeing what results you will create in your own business, and for your clients, using the strategies I shared with you this weekend.

    Here is to your continued success… Cheers!


  2. The Gratitude Guru Says:

    Hello Doug –

    It was great meeting you (as I was one of the New Friends – hope I am one of the talented ones 😉

    Seriously – regardless of it being an event in Vegas or just an idea that someone has as they are driving to pick up some groceries, most people simply do not act on what they know needs to be done. I would love to know the true secret of what stops people from doing what they want!

    I am glad to see that you are continuing to move ahead and do what comes naturally to you! Take that massive action and share all your talents with us all!

    Be Well.

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