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Business is about building relationships … relationships between you and your market. When you create your marketing campaigns and collateral, you’re trying to marry your business to your target market. If you’ve spent any time dating or reading the rules of top matchmakers, you’ll know that catching the interest of that special someone is more likely to happen when you put the attention on the other person instead of dominating the conversation talking about yourself.

Building a customer base for your solopreneur business isn’t any different. Yet are you making these two classic mistakes in your marketing?

Talking About “Me” Instead of “You”
Read through your web site and other marketing content. See how many times you use the pronouns “you” versus “me” or “I”. In this case, the “you” obviously stands for the people you want to connect with and not you, the solopreneur. You, the solopreneur, are now the “me” or “I”.

If your marketing contains more statements discussing “me” and “I”, you’ve got it twisted. You need to re-write your copy to place the importance on “you”.

Focusing on Features Instead of Benefits
One way to help alter your content is to focus on benefits instead of features. Let’s go through a quick couple of examples of the difference between the two since they are often confused.


  1. Batteries Included
  2. Lifetime Guarantee
  3. Open 24 Hours
  4. Custom Design


  1. Ready to use out of the box (Batteries Included)
  2. Worry-free (Lifetime Guarantee)
  3. Here to serve you when you need it (Open 24 Hours)
  4. Made just for you (Custom Design)

If you’ll notice, features focus on a specification of something you provide while a benefit discusses the advantages for your intended user.

If you want people to care, you need to put the focus on their needs in place of your own ego-inflating chatter. Yes, you want your market to know how fantastic you are, but you can accomplish this in talking about the many benefits they will enjoy if they choose to give you their business instead of blatant bragging.

If you are having trouble with your marketing, I’m here to help you with my writing services.

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Doug Dolan
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