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One of the best perks that comes with being an solopreneur is the ability to pick the people that work with you. If you’ve ever worked as an employee, chances are you’ve crossed paths with a person … that certain special someone that pushed your buttons, testing the limits of your ability to remain professional.

As a solopreneur, you won’t have employees, however, you can choose your vendors and your joint venture partners. The trick to finding the right matches is to not get hung up on skills and focus on the PEEPs.

Do the people you connect with share a similar personality? Yes, you can choose to work with people different than you are, but a greater sense of harmony and collaboration will come from surrounding yourself with people that you enjoy being around.

Small businesses thrive on remaining agile. Creating a work environment (even if it is a virtual extension of your home office) of people putting out as much electricity as you will keep you more pumped than chugging a bottle of 5150 energy drink. When you want to set a new idea in motion or take advantage of a new opportunity, you want to stay focused on accomplishing your goals and not on pushing the people on your team to get excited.

Trust is key to any great relationship. If you ask a vendor or a joint venture partner to complete a project by a specific deadline, you need to be able to trust them.

You are passionate about your cause. Your joint venture partners must have a similar passion since they are focused on the same target market. Your vendors may have a different passion, but at minimum, they should be equally passionate about helping you succeed.

Take advantage of this excellent perk. Surround yourself with the people that are going to energize you and bring an equal amount of zeal to accomplish your goals.

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