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Last night, NBC premiered the new season of The Apprentice. Love this show! This season, The Donald takes 16 hopefuls hobbled by the ailing economy and gives them a chance to regain their earning (and ego) glory.

This season has the probability to get particularly gory. “Why?”, you ask.

Because when you put 16 people who are used to dining large, but have been on a severe crash diet of low-pay (or in some cases no-pay) … some of whom have gone through divorce, loss of homes, certainly a loss of personal pride … and tell them there is only one meal ticket to putting them back on top, expect things to get ugly. Wouldn’t you? That’s what I would expect.

Now without giving a complete synopsis of show here (it’s better to watch The Apprentice premier), there is one highly disturbing trait that developed within the first 10 minutes.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the show, Mr. Trump divides the contestants into two teams to compete on a series of challenges before they go head-to-head as solopreneurs.

This season, he chose to group the teams by gender. The first two tasks that each time must accomplish is simple, pick a group name and select a team leader for the first challenge. The show cuts to the men who choose the team name, “Octane”. Easy enough. Now on to task two – team leader.

One of the guys in the group starts the conversation asking if there is anyone that wants to volunteer. No hands go up.

Are you kidding!?

My hand would have been up before he even had the chance to finish his thought. Actually, I wouldn’t have even given him the opportunity to ask the question. I would have volunteered before they had time to think.

The Donald should have entered their suite and sent them all packing and replacing them with people who are willing to compete. The whole premise of this season is taking previously successful people and giving them a second chance that we know many of you reading this would love (whether it’s working for The Donald or any other big opportunity of your choosing). And none of them step up. As a matter of fact, the guy that questioned if there was anyone wanting to volunteer follows up by nominating someone else to take the lead.


In the run up to the show, we hear the recently troubled bios of some of the participants. How can you go from “I had it all” to “I had to sell it all” and then when given a chance to take the lead in a 1-in-16 lottery of getting it all back and more, you would respond with something to the effect of “Let someone else go first”?

This is the time to step it up! Opportunities are more elusive these days than they were just a few years back. Opportunity isn’t going to come knocking and then wait around for you to decide if you want to take advantage of it.

There are too many other hungry solopreneurs willing to go for it. If you don’t, someone else will … and quickly.

Step up! Take decisive action. Your time is now. If you aren’t sure how to spot the opportunities or what do with them when they come along, get yourself a mentor or a consultant. My Small Biz Break partner, Maria, and I are here to help.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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