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In my last post, America’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, I gave you two links to recent posts at MSN Money as educational inspiration to fuel your solopreneur flame.

You may have another entrepreneur that is tops on your list, but I think you will find that all of these people (and whomever may be your personal fav) share some common characteristics.

 – Passionate

 – A drive to succeed

 – Self-confident

 – A high level of energy

 – Self-motivated

 – A thirst for knowledge and creativity

 – Competitive

 – A focus on the goals and not the obstacles

 – Open to outside advice

 – Effective at problem solving

 – Resourceful

 – Ability to make decisive decisions quickly

When many people ponder the possibility of starting their own business, they typically focus on the fun, or the freedom, or the potential for personal fulfillment that they lack in their current career. And you can have all of these. But these are results … results of long, hard, focused worked.

The results are tempting, but having the recipe for success is another story. While it is important to have a great idea, who you are as a person and what you are capable of accomplishing is by far a bigger pre-req for success. Ask any VC or savvy investor which is more important to them – a great idea, or an intelligent, resourceful person – and they will choose the person over the plan every time.

There are many dreamers with excellent imaginations for making the world a better place and possibly collecting a profit by doing so, but few have the skills to see a plan through. To do so takes more than mere motivation, it takes a healthy mix of the list of traits above.

Starting and running a business is a challenge … and it will challenge you on all of these traits. Does this mean that you can’t start a business if you don’t possess all of these positive qualities? No, however, you should be honest with yourself if you find that some of these traits aren’t a part of your personal DNA

One common theme that you may not consider about all the solopreneurs on the lists in the previous posts is that none of them went from idea to success alone. They all had support, mentors, advisors, etc… No business is a one-person show.

If you lack some of these traits, don’t despair. Find the people that do have these characteristics and get them involved with your business, either as partners or outside consultants. I’m here to help.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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