America’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

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Sometimes, especially in trying times, it helps to study the people that made it big. What were there ideas for a new business? What were some of their character traits? What were the struggles they had to overcome to succeed?

Starting a small business can leave you questioning if you are on the right track. By learning about the journeys of other entrepreneurs, you may find some similarities in your own struggles and gain inspiration for your own business.

From oil and steal men to inventors and cartoon character creators, America has a wealth of talented people titled “entrepreneur”. Here’s a link to a recent article by MSN Money where they list America’s Greatest Entrepreneurs.

America’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

If you find it hard to connect with these men, here’s the next generation of entrepreneurs carving out their claim in the business world.

Young Entrepreneurs Who Hit It Big

Do you have a personal favorite? If so, leave a comment and let me know who inspires you and why?

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