Video Helped the Radio Star

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The Buggles had an instant hit in the US with their tune “Video Killed the Radio Star” when it launched MTV in the early 80s. Besides being catchy, they were right about video switching listeners of radio into viewers of TV … back then, that is.

However, fast-forward thirty years later and apply the same thought to marketing, and the concept of their hit becomes a miss.

Back in the early 80s, the music video was a new concept. Prior to video, music listeners and lovers alike could only enjoy music by listening to it. However, the stimulation of senses was a one-dimensional experience. Video, on the other hand, brought another dimension to music. Not only did it appeal to listeners ears, it entertained their eyes.

Now, in the multi-tasking, ultra-time-management, constant-media-connected age of the Internet (and the multitude of devices the average person has to access it), video and radio aren’t competing, they must work together to engage their audience. And let’s not forget the printed word, too.

People (aka customers) have options for getting their news, researching information, and learning about new products and services. They often feel cheated or lose respect for a business if they don’t get a choice of options for reading, listening and viewing.

Let’s not forget that marketing statistics indicate you must “touch” (i.e. get their attention) most prospects between 12 – 20 times before they are transformed into a paying customer. If you only reach out and touch them with a one-dimensional media campaign, you will like lose to competitors that are reaching out in multiple medias.

Since your customers are everywhere consuming information your business should be there to greet them.

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