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OK, so today’s post is going to be kind of short, but that’s only because I want to get you to the good stuff right away. Typically, I write up a post to share with you the tips, techniques and insight I’ve learned over the years for a solopreneur starting a small business and growing it. Today’s post, however, is an announcement of more value that my partner over at Small Biz Break, Maria, and I are giving away to help you get your solopreneur business growing.

1. Multimedia Services
Are your marketing campaigns one-dimensional? It used to be that you would have to pay thousands to get your voice heard in print, on the radio and in videos. Not anymore! Small Biz Break is giving solopreneur startups a break with attention-getting, action-inducing multimedia products at a startup budget.

Check out our new Multimedia Service page to get the creative juices flowing.

2. More free downloads in our Solutions Center
Small Biz Break just added two additional documents to the Solutions Center:

Marketing Communications Checklist
With so many marketing options, how do you know if you have your bases covered to hit a marketing campaign grand slam? This form will help you consider the different channels you have for communicating your message. And when you do, consider our multimedia services mentioned above.

Business Insurance Planning Worksheet
Whether insurance is a requirement for your business model or just extra protection, download this form to make sure that you are looking into your different options BEFORE you need them.

To download these forms and many others along with our ebooks, “My Idea, My Business” and “My Idea, My Research”, simply go to our Register page, sign in and get your access code to our Solutions Center.

3. SBB Blog Talk Radio Goes on the Air
Mark your calendars to set aside about 15 minutes at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST on Wednesday September 8th for the very first show on Small Biz Break’s Blog Talk Radio show. Yes, we said only 15 minutes! We believe in giving you great insight without taking an hour or more to do it.

Got any questions about this announcement?

Need help with some multimedia services?

Have a request for our startup services?

Contact us.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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