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I remember the first time I mentioned the idea of starting my own solopreneur business. Everyone I told went silent for a couple seconds. Not a peep. Then they would say, “Are you crazy?”

“Maybe”, I would reply. 

No, I wasn’t crazy; I was a dreamer … a talented dreamer. I was a Vice President of Sales & Marketing making a good six-figure income, and I wasn’t going to let much stand in my way.

Did I make mistakes? Of course I did.  

Did it cost me? The worst pain was to my ego.

Did I learn from it? Tons! I’m still learning.

Would I do it again? Yes!

Everything in life is a learning experience; what you do with it depends on your outlook. I have a positive outlook. Even in my worst moments, I have tried to muster a smile, laugh, and find the strength to precede forward. So far, I have. 

Starting a business isn’t easy, but it is possible. It can be done. You have to be determined to keep going! You have to look at the positive in things. There is always a reason for everything. Use it to your advantage. Never stop believing in yourself, even when the people around you are starting to question you. 

There is nothing like other people’s assumption that you will fail to grow the inner spirit. If I had listened to some of my worst critiques, I wouldn’t be running a business today.

I am though … because I believed in myself.

Now, go about your day believing in you.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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    Good one doug!! I needed this one today.

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