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My partner, Maria, and I created Small Biz Breakwith a goal to help you replace the fear and frustration of launching and growing your small business or solopreneur enterprise with enthusiasm and determination. You may have a great idea, but sometimes it takes a little guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

We created the Small Biz Break Solutions Center because we know that you may have a limited budget and possibly a preference to build your business on your own … with a little free help, especially being a solopreneur. To get access to the Solutions Center, simply register and we will send you your password.

Until today, we had 12 business forms and templates, plus one ebook, “My Idea, My Business” for you to download. Today we are giving away more value with the following three new forms:

Market Demographic Analysis Worksheet
We designed this worksheet to allow you to cut to the quick for finding pertinent data about your potential customer base. The worksheet contains seven questions … and to help you get the data you need, we’ve included hyperlinks to relevant sites.

Competitive Analysis Worksheet
How can you create a successful strategy if you don’t have a clear idea of how your customers perceive your value as compared to the competition? By using this sheet, you can perform a competitive analysis for 15 critical factors that have the greatest impact on your customers.

Standard Press Release Format
We wrote a piece a couple of weeks back titled, “Press Release: RIP?” While a press release may not be in the limelight like many social marketing methods, it still has great value … when done right. Before you get started, go back and read the post. Then put this new form to good use for getting your new business announcements some press.

If you have been feeling stuck, hopefully the Solution Center has some of the help that you need. If not, you can always contact us for one-on-one coaching.

Special Note – Stay tuned for a special announcement next Monday regarding another important addition to the Solutions Center.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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