5 Tips for Relieving Workday Stress

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Starting and running a small business is a stressful experience for any solopreneur. Some of us get a positive charge from stress. In small doses, stress can keep us energized and motivated to achieving our goals. However, when those little doses grow into daily dilemmas, they take a toll on our minds and bodies.

Here are 5 quick tips for keeping your daily stress to healthy limits:

1. Identify your triggers.
While you may be starting your day with some obvious causes for stress (a drop in business, marital problems, work overload), you need to keep an eye on the numerous little hidden triggers that can add up to a bigger problem. You may consider keeping a stress journal. When you feel the stress hit you during the day, take a moment and reflect on possible causes. The first step to taking control of your daily stress is to identify its causes.

2. Take a breather.
When the tension starts to build, take a breather. While you can take advantage of those little doses as daily shots of caffeine, prolonged, excessive stress can lead to a loss of focus and physical ailments. If possible, get in some stretching and exercise. If not, simply focusing on your breathing can help get your stress under control. Breathe slowly and deeply. Let your body and mind relax for 15 minutes before getting back to your daily tasks.

3. Improve your time management.
One of the biggest struggles in a busy day is effective time management. Compound that with a high stress level and suddenly you are spinning out of control. Reduce your stress by putting a focus on your day. Set goals and tasks. Schedule some breather breaks throughout the day. If you find that your stress starts to rise, you can regain focus by going back to your time management worksheet. Tackle a couple of the easier issues or that one big one that has been nagging at you.

If you don’t have a good time management worksheet, go to the Small Biz Break Register page, sign in and then access the Solutions Center once you get your login information. Inside you will find a handy Task Management Worksheet. Registration and downloading are free.

4. Add some green to your environment.
It’s amazing how a little green can liven up a grey world. Add a couple of plotted plants to your office. Not only do they liven up your environment aesthetically, plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels while increasing the amount of oxygen. They are pleasing to the eye and the body.

5. Set up a reward system.
Setting up a reward system can remind you of the things you did accomplish and remind you that you are up to the challenge of running your own small business even when the heat is on. When you are a small business entrepreneur, you often don’t get rewards until you book some new business. However, you know that there can be quite a bit of work to accomplish to make this happen. Don’t let stress get the better of you and slow you down. Give yourself little rewards along the way.

Get your stress under control in a healthy way before it gets the better of you. Have a successful day!

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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