How eBooks Enhance Your Business

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When you look at your marketing plan (or think what you should have on it if you had one), how does publishing your own eBook fit in? Is it high on your list of priorities? Does it even appear on your plan?

When you think about enhancing your business, producing your own eBook is an excellent way to differentiate your business and brand leading to an increase in visibility, credibility and profitability.

Let’s take a look at a list 13 benefits an eBook brings to your business.

Sometimes you need to give people a little nudge … errr incentive to inspire them to take action, especially when it seems like the action you’re requesting only benefits you and not them. How can you create a win-win? Offer your eBook as a thank you. Here are some benefits for your business that you can achieve by giving away your eBook.

1. Build a List
By building a list of prospects and followers, you now have a good base of warm leads to build a rapport with instead of cold calling. You will build a bigger list, faster if you have something of value you can use to entice people to give you their contact information. A free eBook is excellent bait.

2. Keep Your List Loyal
Once you build your list, don’t let them become listless. You need to engage your list on a regular basis with strong content. Give them your eBook to chew on for a while.

3. Boost Traffic to Your Site
With an online business, you can market a giveaway of your eBook on other sites to led readers back to your site to build your traffic … and when they get there, you will ask them to sign in so you can build your list, right?

4. Get More Affiliates
If you offer affiliate programs, giving away a free eBook is an added bonus for marketers to consider signing up for your program.

5. Improve Your Downline
For the MLMers and Network Marketers, a big part of your success comes from building up your downline. Differentiate yourself from the other MLMers by giving away your eBook to attract and reward people for joining in as part of your downline.

What is the purpose of a successful business? To generate profits. In addition to your other products and services, or as your primary product, publishing an eBook has multiple income opportunities.

6. Just Sell It
You have talent and a unique combination of experience and insight. If you see a demand for what you have to offer, write it in an eBook and sell it.

7. Create More Affiliate Opportunities with Links
Do you participate in affiliate programs? Why not include them in your eBook and earn extra income when your readers click through to the sites you are recommending.

8. Improve Sales of Another Product / Service by Bundling
Do you have another product or service that is your primary profit maker? Do you have a new product that you want to improve its sales? Boost your sales by bundling your eBook at a reduced rate or as a bonus offer.

9. Generate Income with Customizable PLR
You may not want to take the time and effort to sell your eBook to various markets … but others might. Sell the rights to your eBook to those that prefer to publish it as their own.

10. Create Advertising Opportunities
If you have a strong following and if the market recognizes you as a leader, you may have an opportunity to advertise complementary products and services. Your eBook becomes a vehicle for other businesses to get recognition … and you some extra income.

11. Make Joint Venture Connections
One of the best ways you can break into a new market or gain credibility quickly is through an already established joint venture partner. You can attract joint venture partners and increase your opportunities for making a positive connection by providing a copy of your eBook for them to read. You may even decide on a future eBook to collaborate with or mention your joint venture partners as a way to build a better bond.

Who doesn’t want to be famous? OK, you might not want the paparazzi snooping through your garbage cans and popping out of your bushes, but on a smaller scale, being recognized by the market in a positive way can create a big boost to your business.

12. Become a Branded “Expert”
The Internet if full of people claiming to be an expert or guru after only six months on the job. Some other industries have businesses that boast the same superiority. There is the perception of status and credibility that comes with being an author. Flex your talent and prove you are better than the rest by putting your wisdom into words in your own eBook.

13. Go Viral
Create an eBook of value and see how quickly it is passed around as an attachment. You may be concerned that you are losing out on sales, but in reality, you can’t stop people from sharing. At least you are getting your name out there through free marketing. Hopefully, your eBook has your contact info so when you impress new readers, they know how to find you.

If you find writing an eBook a frightening feat, realize that you don’t have to do it alone. Your participation can vary depending on your comfort level and expertise. Many eBook authors hire a coach for direction and structure, an editor for grammar and flow, or in a growing number of eBooks, a ghostwriter to produce a publishable, finished piece.

What eBook can you create to take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits? Need help? My partner, Maria and I can help you through Small Biz Break. Contact us. Coaching, editing and ghostwriting services are some of our specialties.

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