Your 15 Minutes Radio Launches Its Summer MBA Program Nationwide

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If a college pitched you on a program to earn your MBA over the summer, would you likely respond with, “I can’t afford to take the time off from running my business” or “I don’t have the money”? Your 15 Minutes Radio, an Internet broadcasted radio show, offers you an alternative MBA that resolves both problems while giving you additional benefits.

Authors, politicians, magazine publishers, PR reps, actors, business owners, and other industry VIPs and personalities interested in getting their MBA (Marketing, Branding, and Advertising) are taking advantage of Your 15 Minutes Radio excellent, Internet exposure. Your 15 Minutes Radio just launched a new summer program for you to get the same exposure for your small business … for half the investment.

Before you jump right to the price, you need to consider the value of the investment.

Your 15 Minutes Radio’s host, Angle Bush, creates engaging talk radio with notable guests including:

  • Congresswoman, Shelia Jackson-Lee
  • Actor / Singer, TC Carson
  • ABC and GMA contributor, Tory Johnson
  • Editor-in-Chief, Alfred Edmond, Jr.
  • Texas’ First Lady, Anita Perry
  • Small Biz Lady author, Melinda Emerson
  • … and more


Your 15 Minutes Radio distributes its show via its web site, Blog Talk Radio, iTunes and advertising on other Internet radio shows.

The combination of interesting, notable guests discussing relevant topics with Your 15 Minutes Radio’s own marketing efforts creates a loyal and growing following of listeners, giving you greater opportunities for marketing, branding and advertising your small business. In addition, since they promote their show on their site, through Blog Talk Radio and iTunes, interested listeners can pick up previous live shows creating residual exposure for your business.

Having worked with Angle and Your 15 Minutes Radio, I know the quality of care and dedication to service they provide. And if you don’t have the tools or the talent to produce your own spot, Angle and her team will produce one for you.

So the value that comes with Your 15 Minutes Radio’s alternative MBA program includes:

  • Interjecting exposure for your business in engaging talk radio of notable guests
  • A growing loyal listenership
  • Residual exposure
  • Quality care and dedication for helping your create MBA for your small business
  • Double the exposure for the investment of one spot


Sounds like a good investment? It is.

What is the investment?

For the months of July, August and September, Your 15 Minutes Radio is offering a 2-for-1 advertising special. When you invest in one radio spot, they will double your investment by giving you another spot at no charge.

Take advantage of Your 15 Minutes Radio’s alternative MBA summer program before other intelligent small business owners grab the spots by sending an email to

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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