Should I Start My Own Business?

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This is a big question that both the unemployed and those feeling locked in the cubicle prison are asking themselves.

There can be a difference between having your own business and being an entrepreneur. You can have your own business without being entrepreneur, and that’s OK depending on what you want and what works best for your skill set.

For example, you could buy into one of the many work-from-home programs, MLM and franchise opportunities, or even purchase an existing business. These types of businesses will give you structure and a formula to follow allowing you to have your own business. However, an entrepreneur, on the other hand, would find these scenarios restrictive.

In case you haven’t seen my previous mentions of my partnership with Maria Smith-Alvira at Small Biz Break, we coach people to help them decide which scenario works best for them and then consult them through the steps to success.

If you are ready to be your own boss and prefer a structured work-from-home, MLM or franchise program, we can help you determine a program that will fit well with who you are and where you want to go.

If you are ready to flex your entrepreneur muscles, we will coach you through defining and launching a business that is an extension of YOU (your strengths, your experience, your passion, your financial needs and wants, and your personal goals), ultimately giving you your optimal balance between your personal and professional fulfillment and financial success.

By following this process, we lead you to your “Simple, Spontaneous, Success”. By starting your ideal business (instead of just any business that makes money), the process becomes simpler because you will replace fear and frustration with enthusiasm and determination. As you think of ways to improve and grow your business, your ideas will be more spontaneous because the business is an extension of you, ultimately leading to greater success.

How can we help?

1. Register for access to the Solutions Center.
Click here to go to the Small Biz Break Solutions Center. Inside you will find a number of business templates and forms to help you focus your activity for creating and launching your small business. Registration and downloads are free.

2. Download your free copy of “My Idea, My Business”.
Currently, we are giving away our new ebook, “My Idea, My Business” in the Solutions Center. “My Idea, My Business” helps you define the business of you. This ebook walks you through creating a business that is an extension of who you are so you can achieve your “Simple, Spontaneous, Success”.

3. Get started with one of our package solutions.
If you want answers to starting your own small business, get started quickly with by choosing the package that best meets your needs. From a professional review of your business idea, to creating an idea and launching it, to increasing your brand recognition and revenues with your own book or ebook, simply go to our Services page and select the package that is right for you.

4. Contact us for personalized, professional coaching.
Not all help fits within a package. Sometimes the right package for your needs is the one that we create from scratch. Contact us for a free consultation to design your personalized coaching and consulting program.

5. Brand the business of you with your own book / ebook.
As we mentioned above, creating your own book or ebook is one of the most effective ways for building a warm prospect list of future customers, establishing a rapport with them, keeping them loyal, generating more sales and gaining recognition and credibility as a leader in your industry. Contact us to discuss our writing services of coaching, editing and ghostwriting.

Don’t let a struggling economy stop you from pursuing your passion of starting and growing your own small business.

Contact us to get your start today.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide
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