Are You Living with FUD?

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No, I’m not talking about a funny, little bald-headed hunter who gets frustrated hunting wabbits. I am referring to another, more wascally FUD that can trip up the most talented solopreneur … if you aren’t alert.





Usually, FUD is a sales and marketing (and politics) ploy to play on your emotions to get you to buy … and buy now! Some common FUD catchphrases are, “Buy now before it’s gone …”, “Get yours today before the price goes up …” or “Leading experts agree that if you don’t use product xx, you will not …

Separate from making you aware of the common FUD tactics, today’s post is not about protecting yourself against sneaky salespeople and their wily ways.

There is a more sinister strain of FUD … the self-induced FUD that a struggling solopreneur can fall prey to.

How do you know when the FUD has a hold of you?

You start feeling frustrated more frequently. Desperation and fear set in. Instead of taking action, you stall … second-guessing your instincts. You become more and more uncertain about your business. You allow negativity to cloud your perceptions and beliefs about your business and your customers. You begin to doubt your actions. They start feeling like they are just a hopeless struggle.

If you don’t free yourself from the FUD, you give in … and then you give up.

How can you avoid this self-induced FUD of a struggling solopreneur? Here are the top 6 steps:

1. Start a business that is an extension of you.
Do what you love, right? Yes, … and do what you’re good at, and have experience doing, and helps you achieve your financial and personal goals. The more excited you are about your business, the more emotional fortitude and justifiable optimism you will have for dealing with the unavoidable struggles and frustrations associated with any small business. When you hit an obstacle, do you see the opportunity or a reason to give up?

2. Have a clear vision.
Who are you? What is it that you do? Who benefits the most from what you do? What is it about your service that beats the competition? Know who you are. Know what you do well. Stick to it.

3. Set goals.
If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B is to have clearly defined goals that are in line with your vision and that you are committed to accomplishing by a specific date. This method clears the clutter of offers, options, wayward opportunities and other daily distractions that can tempt you to wander off course.

4. Get organized.
The only disorganized, successful entrepreneurs I know have a talented team of organized people to develop and manage a support structure for them. However, you are a solopreneur, and there is no team in solopreneur. Disorganization leads to distraction. Distraction leads to wasted time. Wasted time leads to a loss of focus and a declining business. A declining business leads to FUD.

5. Create systems.
Businesses big and small run more efficiently when they have systems in place. Henry Ford mastered the concept of the assembly line for mass production of automobiles. You are a solo manufacturing facility. Creating systems for marketing, responding to prospects and customers, fulfilling orders and providing customer service will allow you to increase your throughput while minimizing the possibility of derailing important details.

6. Be patient.
One quality that sets successful people apart from struggling wannabes is the ability to make the difficult appear simple. This takes time. Typically, businesses don’t boom overnight. And for those that are on a meteoric rise, is this the first attempt?

Don’t set yourself up for failure and by believing you will be stashing away stacks of cash in a short period of time. If you do, great! Congratulations. However, this isn’t the norm, so don’t plan for it. If you were to get insight into the story behind some of your industry’s successful leaders, you would see they invested long, hard hours, months, and years before they saw any kind of return.

If you feel the FUD moving in and need some help getting it under control, send me the distress signal by writing to

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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