Social Media Myths Debunked

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I wrote a piece at the beginning of the year titled, “The Sweat Equity of Social Networking” after speaking with a number of solopreneurs and small business owners who were feeling numb from their experience with social networking.

Some were numb from putting in long hours without feeling the love, while others were simply drained dealing with overwhelming spam offers from gurus with guaranteed results when they still didn’t believe social media would help their business.

My post focused on the first set of struggling social media solopreneurs, but I wanted to back up my ideas with some data for the second set of small business owners.

Normally, I like writing my own posts, but sometimes I come across other pieces that seem to hit all the right points. Here is a well-written write-up on SocialMedia Examiner titled, “Top 5 Social Media Myths Debunked”, by Peter Wylie, that I believe accomplish just that.

If you are struggling with whether social media is useful for your marketing campaigns, read through Peter’s article first, followed by a read through of my post mentioned above.

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