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Are elevator pitches only for major corporations or do they apply to solopreneurs and small business, too?

I believe they do.

First, in case you’re a little fuzzy about elevator pitches, the premise is if you only have 30 – 60 seconds (basically the length of an elevator ride) to tell someone enough about your business to get them to want to hear more, what would you say.

If you do a search by elevator pitch templates, you will find a couple of different schools of thought. Some prefer the more traditional, conservative approach. Others favor a different, personal approach.

Here are two samples for the same business, Small Biz Break, taking those two different approaches. Sample 1 is the conservative style content and Sample 2 is for those who prefer the personal approach.

Sample 1
“Small Biz Break helps new and struggling small business entrepreneurs achieve, ‘Simple, Spontaneous, Success’. With a high unemployment rate and a lack of job fulfillment on the rise, many talented people are choosing to stop living someone else’s dream and start living their own.


The greatest success comes from creating a business that is an extension of who you are … your strengths, your experience, your passions, your financial needs and your personal goals. Small Biz Break helps you achieve your ‘Simple, Spontaneous, Success’ with our free business forms and templates, ebooks, personalized consulting and professional writing services.”

Sample 2
“Michael, feeling trapped in an unfulfilling day job, decides it’s time to start his own small business. What’s a good business idea for him to start? Emma started a small business, but she’s struggling and can’t wait for the economy to improve. What can she do to restructure her business and get it growing again?


Who can help led Michael and Emma to ‘Simple, Spontaneous, Success’? Small Biz Break.”

So, the first questions I have for you are “Which do you prefer / feel is more effective? And why?” You can leave your comments below.

Next question, “Why is developing an elevator pitch important for your solopreneur small business?”

You may be thinking, “Doug, I already have enough to think about with marketing, why do I need to do more?” I agree; there is quite a bit for you to consider with your marketing campaigns, which is exactly why I believe you need to develop an elevator pitch.

If you can’t articulate what you do, whom you do it for and why it benefits them in a quick 30 – 60 second statement, then how are you going to focus your marketing activities? This doesn’t mean that all of your marketing communications need to include your elevator pitch. You may do campaign series that breaks down your elevator pitch into various key elements with each ad or spot focusing in on one element at a time. However, the series as a whole still relates back to the essence of your elevator pitch.

So before you move forward with more marketing, take a minute or so and decide if you have a strong elevator pitch. If you need help developing one for your business, just ask for help by writing to My partner, Maria, and I would love to help.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
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