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If you polled a room full of investors and asked them “What are you more likely to invest in, an interesting, new business idea or a solid execution plan?” most would answer, “a solid execution plan”. Why?

While there are many people who think, “I have a great idea for a new business” only a small percentage of those people will take the initiative to turn their idea into a business and an even smaller percentage of those that do express their entrepreneurial spirit will become successful.

Where do most of these newbies fail? It’s often not their passion or drive. It’s focus … and knowing what to focus on.

To help simplify the process and minimize wasted time, I launched a new site today with my partner, Maria Smith-Alvira, called Small Biz Break.

To get quick help to new and struggling entrepreneurs, we have a number of free templates and forms, from a new business idea questionnaire to help you choose the right business for you, a small business start-up checklist to guide you through the steps from idea to first sale and other business plan templates, financial planning spreadsheets and more.

Soon we’ll be offering live Q & A sessions giving you the opportunity to resolve issues specific to your business and private coaching for special attention. Maria and I will be launching a new Blog Talk Radio show, too.

What does this mean for The Solopreneur’s Guide?

Over the next couple of days, I will be making some changes to my site. I will condense some of the information and include a page for Small Biz Break. However, don’t take this as taking something away from this site. Quite the opposite, the packages included on the Small Biz Break site will give you more tools and services to help you with your small business.

I am excited about this new venture and honored to be working with Maria. Maria is a talented multi-entrepreneur with a Masters in Corporate Management and first-hand experience launching her own businesses. Any small business owner would benefit from working with her.

Need help getting your business started? Write me at and check out the Small Biz Break site.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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