Steps to Launching a Sustainable, Solopreneur Start-Up Disclaimer

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As I mentioned in my last post, “Leap of Faith”, over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be posting a series of new discussions (10 to be exact) focused on the essential steps for launching a solopreneur start-up.

Before I get into the series, I thought it was important to add this disclaimer post to make sure we are on the same page when going over the info. I will refer back to this disclaimer at the beginning of each post in the event new readers jump into the series in later posts.

Here is a copy of the list we will discuss:

  1. Define Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and Prime Prospects
  2. Perform Market Research
  3. Create a Business Plan
  4. Square Away Your Finances
  5. Licenses, Permits, Certifications and Legal Structures
  6. Develop Your Products and / or Services
  7. Set Up Shop
  8. Launch Your Marketing Campaigns
  9. Turn Prospects into Customers
  10. Keep Customers Loyal


And now, on with the disclaimer:

1. It’s for solopreneurs only.
This seems to be a given considering I am The Solopreneur’s Guide, but I want to restate this never the less. While other small businesses can still find value in the steps discussed during this series, there are additional steps and factors they need to consider. For example, I won’t discuss the process for hiring employees or the other legal entities available for partnerships.

2. The series is sequential, not random.
I start with “Define Your UVP and Prime Prospects” because you need to accomplish this prior to what we will discuss in Steps 2, 3, 4 and so on.

3. You’re ready to be a solopreneur.
This series assumes you’ve already accepted the fact you want to be a solopreneur (whether out of desire or necessity). If you’re not sure if you have the characteristics to succeed as a solopreneur, go back and ready my post, “Ready To Be The Boss?

4. This is for sustainable businesses only.
No, I don’t mean environmentally friendly businesses (although they might apply, too). I am referring to a business that you create to capitalize on your strengths, passions, and experience while minimizing your weaknesses. I don’t get into teaching people how to opportunistically chase the hot business of the day.

5. Results aren’t guaranteed.
Now this may have you thinking, “Why should I read any further?” Because the information is what you need to know. However, no one can guarantee success for you because it is still up to you. You have choices to make. You have to do the work. There are numerous “blueprints to success” available, yet there are still many people who choose not to follow the steps and wonder why they can’t reach the level of success that others do.

6. I’m playing the odds.
The information I will share is based upon what will give you the best odds for success. This doesn’t mean there is absolutely no other way to be successful. You may have heard of a guy your cousin knows who once started a business doing something different from what I will recommend. When you see success, or what you perceive as success, you often only see a fraction of what that person had to go through to become successful. If you go into business believing you can break all the time-tested rules, good luck. I’m going to stick with what works for launching a sustainable business.

7. It’s easier than you think.
While you may believe there is a shortcut to success, there are still basics you need to cover to make sure you don’t delay your success. I will keep each post to the basics for getting you started as quickly as possible, minimizing future obstacles instead of having you create them.

I look forward to kicking off this new series with you. And as always, feel free to leave questions comments here or email them to me at

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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