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If you’ve been a regular reader on my blog, first, thank you, and second, you will know that I am a diehard believer in the necessity of banding together with other joint venture partners to create new opportunities and thus grow your business exponentially faster. I was recently introduced to some solo pros with a slightly different spin on the JV concept – a tribe.

As a solopreneur, you realize how difficult it can be to attract new business on your own. Some of the more common methods for attracting prospects include the following:

  • Opening a brick and mortar location
  • Setting up a web site
  • Sending mass email blasts and direct mail pieces
  • Blogging on a weekly basis (or more)
  • Buying offline and online advertising
  • Networking


But, what is the #1 form of marketing? Word of mouth. People always trust more what others say about you than what you bloviate about your own business.

Before we go further, let me define a joint venture partnership and a tribe.

Joint Ventures

JVs entail finding other individuals who have a similar target market with complementary products, services, and strengths to join you in the formation of a new business with shared marketing, expenses and risks, and ultimately shared profits, without giving up your own individual business.


Tribes can often (and in my opinion should) include a JV partnership, but can remain as basic as a small group of people, syndicating and recommending each other’s content on their individual blogs.

For example, let’s say you’re still going solo trying to build an audience and a business by creating your own content –a health and beauty blog. After a couple of months, let’s say you create a list of 100 followers who trust what you have to say and enjoy the quality of your content. You can keep churning out content every other day or once a week speaking to those same 100 people. Maybe you add a couple more people a week. You could spend more time and money on some of the common marketing methods mentioned above or you could build a tribe.

Let’s also say you find four other solopreneurs doing the same thing with a similar sized list of loyal customers and readers. Seems somewhat silly to be redundant, doesn’t it. Why not group together, share content and have each member recommend the other tribe members blogs to their readers? Through this, you decrease your writing up to 1/5 and increasing your readership 5x.

Since each member holds sway over their audience, you have a much greater chance of capturing those new set of eyes than if you went out and promoted yourself. How do you get this done?

Six solo pros answer that question and more in an 8-week training course called the Tribe Mastery Intensive 2.0. Imagine if instead of taking one year to build your business, you could create the same following in three months or six months.

Here’s an excellent opportunity for you to decide if learning from these pros is worth your time and money, a free 90-minute webinar.

Date:  Thursday February 4th

Time:  6:00 PM PST

Do yourself a favor, don’t let your ego tell you that you don’t need anyone. Take the time to learn how to grow your business quicker through building a tribe. Sign in now to secure a seat at this free webinar, by clicking on this Tribe Mastery link. I’ll be there.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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