Are Your 2009 Habits Creeping Back?

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I wrote a post roughly three weeks back titled, “The 3 Rs for Closing Out the Year” recommending what steps to take with your solopreneur business in order to have a strong start to 2010. Now in our third full week of the new decade, are your New Year’s resolutions decaying?

This is the time most people run the risk of allowing their resolutions to become rubbish. The post-holiday blahs are kicking in at the same time results from most of your resolutions haven’t had an opportunity to take hold; couple that with a British researcher, Dr. Cliff Arnall, designated today as “The Most Depressing Day of the Year” for many reasons, and you run the high risk of bad habit relapse.

You’re still in the process of change. Running a successful business is tough – running a faltering business can be tougher. Although we would all love to sprint to quick success, business is a marathon requiring proper pace and patience.

Where you happy with the results from your 2009 habits? If so, then you probably made few (if any) resolutions. However, if you’re hoping for positive changes in 2010, then you need to be dedicated to change at a time when your desire for the comfort of your common habits is kicking in.

Here are a couple of techniques to help keep hope alive.

1. Take an honest look back at your 2009 results as compared to your potential. You need to remind yourself of the results you experienced from past decisions and actions. Making weak choices has more to do with failure than the economy.

2. Review your resolutions, better yet, post them in from of your workspace. You need to keep your resolutions present – a morning mantra – in order to effect change. We are creatures of habit, and if you don’t train yourself to think and act differently, you will fall into the same old traps.

3. Are all resolutions created equal? Shed your unrealistic resolutions now. If not, their inevitable failures create a cancer that can kill your desire to remain dedicated to the healthy resolutions.

4. Change starts one step at a time. Although you may be hoping for growth in leaps and bounds, there are factors outside of your control that can leave you feeling stuck. When you get stuck, stop and think about your next action instead of acting on instinct. Most people will go with what they know instead of trying something new. Is your choice of action leading you towards your new goals? If not, choose change in favor of comfort.

5. Stay healthy. Watch your diet, get plenty of exercise and rest. Your physical health has a tremendous impact on your energy level, your focus, your clarity of mind and your attitude. Bad attitudes lead to backsliding.

6. A stumble isn’t a trend. Just because you may have made a weak choice leading you away from one of your resolutions doesn’t mean you can’t get back on track right now. Did you learn anything from this mistake? Hopefully, it reinforced your belief that your old habits are the real rubbish and not your new resolutions.

I don’t think it’s any big shock to you that most people are like electricity – seeking the path of least resistance. However, most people aren’t successful solopreneurs. Now is the time to install a delay in your circuitry, take a second look at your New Year’s resolutions, shed the truly unrealistic ideas and re-commit yourself anew to those that you can achieve.

All the Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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  1. Tony Papajohn Says:

    Hi Douglas!

    I particularly like #6. In fact, I try to build a stumble or two or three into my or anyone’s expectation. It is too much to assume that we set a new course and then binge, fall off the wagon, backslide, or otherwise have a bad hair day.

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