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If you recall a post that I wrote about two months ago, I discussed the three entrepreneurial personality types in the piece, “The Split Personality of Entrepreneurship”. The three types of entrepreneurs are the Inventor, the Manager and the Split Personality (a blend of the previous two).


A significant percentage of solopreneurs are either the Inventor or the Manager type. Today’s interview is with Jeff Frutkin, the solo entrepreneur behind and its sister site Idea Architects. Jeff recognized the delineation between these two entrepreneurial types and created sites specifically geared to allow people falling into these categories to take advantage of their strengths.



TSG:     What was your inspiration to launch


JF:     I’d been looking for a unique idea for a business for the last several years. I came across dozens of websites that claimed to have “new business ideas”, however, these sites simply published existing small businesses or reported on ideas that were started by other entrepreneurs. Further, many of the ideas were recycled from site to site and offered limited revenue potential and competitive advantage, especially to an entrepreneur looking for an invaluable idea to call his own.


I founded to bridge the gap in the marketplace. Our purpose is to provide:


  • Breakthrough business ideas for individuals serious about starting a new business, from original web 2.0 sites and unique service businesses to new product innovations, and
  • Expert guidance assisting entrepreneurs with the successfully launch of a new SmarterLeap business idea.



TSG:     Can you give us a quick bio about your professional background?


JF:     Sure. I have 12 years of experience leading top performing organizations with national and global marketing presence. I held senior marketing and general management positions in a number of leading financial services companies, including HSBC and most recently, Advanta Bank Corp.


I earned degrees in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) and The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania).



TSG:     Who do you think will benefit the most from the ideas on


JF:     While SmarterLeap focuses on cultivating aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, many individuals from diverse industries turn to us for access to one-of-a-kind business ideas they can’t get anywhere else.


Here are just a few that count on our services:


  • Budding entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Experienced professionals seeking an alternative to working in large corporations
  • Independent small business owners
  • Franchisees looking for a fresh approach to new start-ups
  • Trend watchers
  • Marketers
  • Venture capitalists



TSG:     What benefits do entrepreneurs have by becoming a subscriber with SmarterLeap instead of going to other free sites for business ideas or buying into a franchise?


JF:     We are offering aspiring entrepreneurs innovative business ideas that have the potential to become multi-million dollar companies. The ideas range from original web 2.0 sites and unique service businesses to new product innovations and compelling retail concepts.


The cost to join is only $9 per month. For this small fee, you get:


  • Unlimited access to search SmarterLeap’s idea bank, with in-depth descriptions of each innovative concept
  • 30+ new business ideas are added to the site monthly
  • Free reign to begin building your business using an original SmarterLeap concept
  • Eligible to utilize additional member services


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, and you don’t have a viable business idea, SmarterLeap is the perfect resource for you. 



TSG:     Why do you offer such an aggressive, low monthly fee of only $9 for the site’s innovative business ideas? Why not charge interested entrepreneurs $100 a month or more?


JF:     We are committed to maintaining a low subscription fee, so you can focus on finding the breakthrough idea that is right for you. Right now, you can get a 1-month subscription for a total of only $9, a tiny investment that will change your life.



TSG:     Where do the ideas published on SmarterLeap come from?


JF:    SmarterLeap taps into a network of really smart and creative people (we call them Idea Architects) to generate ideas that have yet to be imagined in the world of business. We compensate Idea Architects for developing powerful new business concepts. They participate in weekly brainstorms with the SmarterLeap team and submit ideas based on their expertise, research and knowledge of a particular market.


If you are interested in becoming an idea architect, please send us a brief description of yourself including areas of interest, current responsibilities and any significant achievements to:


You can also submit ideas on our sister website:



TSG:     Who can join Idea Architects Online?


JF:     Anyone can join Many Idea Architects are also entrepreneurs. We are looking for people who are creative, smart and enjoy brainstorming new business ideas. Idea Architects also tend to have a strong interest in emerging trends and next generation opportunities.


Jeff, thanks for your time and insight into your two unique sites.


So, whether your preference is brainstorming new business ideas or you are looking for inspiration to launch your new livelihood, you now have two original sites to assist you – Idea Architects and Smarter Leap.


For more information, you can click on the hyperlinks above or contact Jeff at the following:


Jeff Frutkin
P: (312) 890-5502


All The Best,

Doug Dolan
The Solopreneur’s Guide


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  1. Michael Brandon Says:

    Dear Solopreneur Webmaster,

    I am commenting to let you know that at least one of the above companies featured in this review appears to be a scam. I am referring to the website/company: “”.

    I personally registered for the site and submitted 3 ideas with 2 of them getting approval. That was late Jan, early Feb but have received no payment from them despite several emails to them and responses from them promising “Payment” shortly.

    Full review of my personal experience and proof of my claim can be found on my website:

    This may not be of interest to you if the review you have done is a sponsored review but the intentions of your site is to let your readers know about possible good sites and business then you may want to let them know that this one is not one the up and up as of this posting.

    Michael Brandon

  2. Douglas Dolan Says:

    Dear Michael:

    I will look into this as well. Mine was not a paid review. Thank you for letting me know. I am interested in hearing if anyone else had the same experience.


  3. Michael Brandon Says:

    Mr. Dolan

    Thank your for your response and to update this post I did receive payment this morning from idea architects online with a short apology for the delay.


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